Washington, D.C. – In case you missed it, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined the premiere of News not Noise on Real America’s Voice to slam Democrats’ out of control crime crisis, the Biden Administration for releasing criminal illegal immigrants into the U.S., and Biden’s failure to stand up to China and Russia.

Highlights from the interview include:
Remembering NYPD Officer Rivera and Democrats’ crime crisis:
“I hope all of America was tuning in to that funeral, and it was incredibly inspiring to see the tens of thousands, over 100,000, men and women in blue, our heroes in blue, lining the streets of New York City. This is a young life, a young public servant, a young hero, who, at age 22, lost his life in the line of duty, and we have to stand up as elected officials to push back on this shameful, hateful defund the police movement.”
“We stand with Officer Rivera.”
“It is a disgrace that there are elected officials, including the Manhattan D.A., who essentially are supporting this war on cops.”
“We see the consequences of these policies with skyrocketing crime, with skyrocketing homicides. We need to be supporting our men and women in blue.”
“People are seeing the consequences of this defund the police movement, of the failed bail reform in New York State and in New York City, where crime has skyrocketed. So, I do think this is a shift. This should not be a partisan issue.”
On Biden’s Border Crisis:
“I am extremely concerned, which is why I led an effort to the administration requiring full transparency but also telling them to absolutely stop this illegal transportation of illegal immigrants flooding in the southern border to different parts of the country.”
“But my fear is this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have a crisis on the southern border, but it's not just limited to the southern border. We see the impact in New York State.”
On GOP Priorities:
“We’re going to earn this majority.”
“We're going to secure the border. That's incredibly important.” 
“We're going to stop the spending that has led to historic inflation, the highest rate of inflation over the course of my lifetime.”
“We're going to be tough on China, which Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi failed to do. We're going to invest in a strong military when we see Joe Biden and House Democrats showing weakness on the stage.”
On Ukraine-Russia Tensions:
“Joe Biden has failed test after test after test, whether it was cyber attacks from Russia, whether it's China really asserting its leadership, unfortunately, on the global stage and trying to counter American leadership with our allies.”
“They've seen Joe Biden's weakness. They've seen the lack of accountability. They've seen the lack of strength when it comes to American foreign policy, and they're acting. This is why Putin is acting.”
“Any incursion is an invasion when we're talking about a democratic partner, a democracy like Ukraine.”