Washington, DC – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY-21) spoke on the House floor to raise awareness of the importance of agriculture to the North Country, as well as to support apple orchards across our district. Below is a transcript of her remarks, or to watch the video, click here.

Mr. Speaker, do you like apples?

Because I rise today to speak about that great time of year when days grow crisp and leaves start to change – apple season.

Agriculture is the backbone of our economy in the North Country, and New York State is the second largest-producing state in the country where we export our delicious products across the globe.

For most families a trip apple picking is a great annual tradition this time of year.

I’ve had the pleasure of touring Apple Orchards across my district – from Apple Jacks Orchards in Plattsburgh, to Forrence and Everettes Orchards in Peru, to Kaneb Orchards in Massena.

Every year during apple season these orchards and many others in the North Country produce bushels and bushels of apples, for eating as fresh fruit, to be made into juice and cider, and even to fill delicious apple pies.

Mr. Speaker, I’m proud to stand on the House floor today to support our North Country apple farmers.

Thank you and I yield back.