Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined The Faulkner Focus to highlight her REIN IN Inflation Act, which would require the Biden administration to publish the inflationary impact of their executive actions. Stefanik also slammed House Democrats’ continued attack on the sanctity of life with their radical abortion-on-demand up until birth agenda.

Watch her full interview here. 


Below are highlights of her interview:

On the skyrocketing inflation caused by Biden and Democrats’ reckless spending:

“I introduced the REIN IN Inflation Act. This would ensure that for any executive action taken by President Biden – that there is a study and understanding of the inflationary impact.”

“We need to rein in our spending, which is why my bill is called the REIN IN Inflation Act to make sure there is an understanding of any executive action taken by the president, whether it is canceling of student loans, whether when he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline – all those decisions impact inflation in a way that increases it and fuels it.”

“We know that since Joe Biden has taken office, there has been, through his executive action, nearly half a trillion dollars costing the American people. That has helped light the fire, unfortunately, for this runaway inflation train. We continue to see Joe Biden and House Democrats downplay this. First, they said it was a ‘high class problem.’ Then, they said it was ‘transitory.’ Then, they said it was ‘temporary.’ Then, they blamed the war in Ukraine.”

“The American people are smart. They know that these numbers aren’t ‘out-of-date.’ The reason they know this is that they are feeling the pain, whether they are paying for grocery bills, whether they are paying for gas at the pump or everyday goods and services. People understand that this is the highest rate of inflation we’ve seen in a generation.”

On Democrats’ radical abortion-on-demand agenda:

“House Democrats are putting on the floor the most radical abortion on demand paid for by the taxpayers, up until and after birth just this week. I will tell you that goes much further than codifying Roe, which is the talking point they use.” 

“80% of the American people oppose late term abortions. Yet, this bill, as I said, provides taxpayer funding and legalizes abortion nationally up until and after birth in terms of babies born alive, particularly those premature babies.”

“House Republicans, we are proud to stand for life. We are proud to stand in opposition to any taxpayer dollars going towards funding abortion. We will oppose this bill.”

“We have the Born Alive Protection bill, which House Republicans are proud to support. We passed that in a House Republican majority, and that is standing for life. Born-alive babies, they deserve the right to life. There is a reason life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that life comes first.”

“As we look around the globe, that puts us on the level with North Korea and China. European countries have limits in terms of late-term abortion. What Democrats are proposing puts us on the level with North Korea and China. I don’t want to be in that group of countries when it comes to our position on life.”