Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Steve Bannon’s War Room and blasted Nancy Pelosi’s partisan witch-hunt with no Republican-appointed members. This purely partisan committee shreds precedent by refusing Republicans the opportunity to ask the tough questions.

Watch the full interview here.

Highlights of her interview are below:

On Nancy Pelosi’s unprecedented witch-hunt:

“Well, this is nothing more than a partisan witch-hunt. It is Nancy Pelosi’s illegitimate committee that has nothing to do about focusing on the facts, focusing on the truth. Its only purpose is to really have Democrats target Trump voters and Republican members of Congress.”

“It's an illegitimate committee and really unprecedented, Steve, because for the first time in the history of the House, in the history of Congress. This goes against 232 years of precedent. There were no Republican-appointed members. So any committee in Congress, you know, both the majority and minority parties are able to nominate and appoint those members. And, in this case, Nancy Pelosi shredded all precedent.”

“So there are no Republican-appointed positions. Why does that matter? It means that, unlike even impeachment hoax part one, which we remember in the bunker of the basement conducted by Adam Schiff, at least you had Republican members like myself, Jim Jordan, and others to be able to cross examine the witnesses to look at all of the evidence. There is nothing related to this, no opportunity for Republicans to ask the tough questions.”

On Pelosi’s cover up:

“I also believe that this committee is part of a cover up for Nancy Pelosi. The Democratic Chair Bennie Thompson said the only office that's off-limits to the January 6 Committee is Nancy Pelosi’s office. She oversees security of the U.S. Capitol complex. There were warnings and intelligence and, as soon as our members started asking those critical questions, she pulled them from the committee and what I think what we will see this evening is a political circus and a desperate attempt for Democrats to change the narrative from the issues that actually matter to the American people.”

On pushing back against Pelosi’s sham committee and setting the record straight:

“We have very experienced members like Jim Jordan, like myself, like Leader McCarthy, who have gone through sort of the impeachment hoaxes part one and two, where yes, we saw the evidence -- there was no evidence that proved any type of impeachable offenses, but we were able to rapid respond in those hearings. My plan is to make sure that our members are immediately setting the record straight. We will push back aggressively on edited and doctored evidence, which we've already seen, for example, when they showed certain texts earlier before these hearings. Those texts were doctored, so we know that they've changed the rules of this committee multiple times.”

“We'll also call out the fact, Steve, that they hired a producer, a Hollywood producer, a former executive from ABC News, who is mostly known because he silenced victims of Jeff Epstein. He's paid for by taxpayers. They already have the book, the report from this Pelosi committee listed on Amazon. So that tells you everything you need to know.”

“What it also tells you -- and I'm a big believer that the American people are smart -- is they're not having primetime hearings on the inflation crisis on the border crisis on the gas crisis on the crime crisis on the baby formula shortage. Not only are they not having primetime hearings on those subjects, they're having no hearings on those subjects. So this is just a shameless attempt at creating a political circus to try to change the narrative. And we will push back aggressively.” 

“You'll see Republicans on the airwaves but you will also see the House Republican Conference as the hearing is ongoing, pushing back, setting the record straight, and reminding folks that the only office that's off limits to this investigation is Nancy Pelosi’s office. At her guidance, the Sergeant at Arms refused to comply with the request for information about communication between the potential threats of U.S. Capitol Police and the Speaker's office because they were concerned with optics.”

On Republicans’ focus on the issues that matter:

“We will push back, and we're going to set the record straight. That is our job. But it is also our job, most importantly, Steve to talk about the issues that matter. This is very clear that Democrats have no agenda to solve the multiple crises that the American people are suffering through. Whereas the Republicans have been focused like a laser. And I've particularly been ensuring that our members are disciplined talking about those multiple crises. So we have to do both, and we will do both today. My hunch, though, Steve, is I think they're going to get very poor viewership numbers this evening, because the American people are tuning this out.”

“I was just home in my district during district work period for two weeks. Not a single constituent, not a single voter asked me about the January 6 Pelosi witch-hunt. What they did ask me about were the gas prices, they asked me about the historic inflation when they go to the grocery store, they asked me why baby formula is getting rationed at stores. So those are the issues that matter. We will set the record straight, but we're also going to make sure that we are continuing to lead on all those really, really challenging situations that every American is facing.”

On Democrats shredding precedent:

“Importantly, we do have Republicans that were again pulled from the committee. They are conducting an investigation focused on the facts. And, as my colleagues have said, the bread crumbs lead directly to Speaker Pelosi 's office. The Democrats and Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, their top allies, top puppets are engaging in a cover up to protect Speaker Pelosi. Speaker Pelosi, during her speakership, she has shredded all precedent constitutionally in terms of the role of the Speaker and has been authoritarian in how she's conducted her failed leadership over the House. She's going to be held accountable this November when she loses that Speaker's gavel when we have a historic class of newly-elected Republican members.”

“I'll tell you, they've shredded a lot of precedent. Steve, whether it's subpoenaing members, whether it's kicking them off committees. They have broken this institution. I can tell you, for example, Adam Schiff will not sit on the House Select Intelligence Committee in a Republican majority, neither will Eric Swalwell. And there are a number of members that are going to face significant consequences. And the person that has broken this institution is Nancy Pelosi.”

On Congress in a Republican Majority:

“But what Republicans are also going to do is we're going to, again, address these issues: secure the border, making sure we have strong legislation to do that to return to the effective Trump-era border policies, making sure that we are reining in our spending to again address this runaway inflation crisis because of the radical tax and spend policies. So we have a lot of cleaning up to do. But certainly, you know, getting back to a Capitol that is the People's House, getting rid of all these authoritarian mandates that Nancy Pelosi has put into place.”

“Well, it's not my first time being attacked, Steve, I was smeared by Hollywood, by Democrats, by the entire radical Far-Left ecosystem during impeachment part one, but what they didn't realize is I have a backbone of steel, and I will always stand up for the Constitution. I will always stand up for my constituents and my values. And the same goes through right now. I have been attacked, my family has been smeared. The media has been doing the Democrats’ bidding. That's why it's so important that there are additional news outlets out there, so people can get the truth out.”

“What I've done is I've stood strong, and I will tell you my constituents notice those attacks. You know, the scam pack that I won't even mention their name, but they are one of the biggest scam packs in terms of taking people's money and then attacking Republicans. They're running vicious ads in my district, and it is energizing my voters, Republicans, Democrats. I was just at a barbecue this past week. And I will tell you it was a Republican voter and a Democrat voter. They said they had never seen as vicious of a TV ad, and it made them more likely to vote for me because I was being attacked by those leftist who are funded by Hollywood.”

On Biden’s Baby Formula Crisis:

“This has been an area where I've been proud to lead the House Republicans. So first of all, we knew this was going to be a challenge. I sent a letter to the FDA and the Biden administration back…in February of this year, when the decision to close the Abbott manufacturing and production facility down. The FDA didn't even respond until May of this year. Why? Because FDA was not doing their job. And it was sheer incompetence from the Biden administration.” 

“It was only when I stood on the Capitol steps with my colleagues and House Republicans and blasted President Biden for failing to even mention the formula shortage across the country. He had to scramble and you know how big of a deal this is, Steve, to change his schedule that day and get on the phone with formula manufacturers. And what have they done? They're importing goat's milk from Australia, rather than addressing the FDA issue. And we also found out this past week that the FDA not only knew it was going to be an issue in February, but the tail end of last year, they knew there were going to be shortages.”

“I will tell you as a new mother, there is nothing more harrowing than having to scramble to feed your baby. And in my district, we were working for Memorial Day weekend, and I had a number of ceremonies all over my district, so I went to the store to purchase about four to five days of formula for my son, Sam. And it was rationed at the store. And I thought this is the United States of America. Working moms, working dads, every family is going through this crisis right now. 

Shame on Joe Biden, and shame on Nancy Pelosi. Their committees didn't even want to focus on this or host a hearing. They said this wasn't a real issue. She put on a messaging bill on the floor. She waltzed on the floor, voted on it. That bill is going nowhere.”

“My bill actually addresses the incompetence of the FDA. It also addresses and makes sure that we have more formula producers domestically, because that's really important as well. And I'm very proud of the Abbott CEO who has spoken out and blown the whistle about how the FDA mismanaged this. But this is an example that, yes, this impacts every family. As a young mother, I'm the newest mom in Congress, by a longshot, and to be able to speak from my personal experience about what my constituents and the American people are going through -- that means Republicans are focused on issues that matter.”