Stefanik Calls to Defund NPR

November 15, 2021

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik today wrote a letter urging Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner Paul Rettig to revoke National Public Radio’s (NPR) tax-exempt status due to affiliate North Country Public Radio’s (NCPR) illegal use of a taxpayer-funded email account to campaign for New York Democrats.
“Taxpayer dollars should no longer fund New York Democrats’ political agenda,” Stefanik said. “NCPR’s activity is illegal, and I’m taking action, so North Country residents’ hard-earned incomes are not advancing partisan initiatives.”
Recently, Martha Foley, the former News and Public Affairs Director at NCPR used her NCPR email address to campaign on behalf of local New York Democrats and to push “several statewide propositions that would alter the voting process in the Democrats’ favor.” 
In part, Stefanik wrote, “Ms. Foley clearly made a public statement using her NCPR email address in favor of New York Democrats. This is a direct violation of the prohibition against political campaign activity.”
The letter continued, “The ban on political campaign intervention is a requirement imposed by the United States Congress “for the privilege of being recognized as exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.” It exists to protect hardworking American taxpayers from being forced to subsidize partisan initiatives. With your help, we can ensure what happened at NCPR will not occur again at NPR or any of its affiliates.”
Read the full letter here.