Stefanik Launches NY-21 Parents and Students Online Website Resource

Encourages Parents to Share Concerns, Ideas, and their Child’s Personal Story

February 16, 2022

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik launched a resource page on her website to hear from parents regarding education issues and challenges facing their kids: 
“Over the last two years, parents across the country have had a front row seat to their children’s classroom. In many cases, we’ve been blessed to see the remarkable work of dedicated teachers and administrators. Sadly, not every family has had this experience and some of what they have experienced and shared with my office has raised serious concerns.
"Disturbingly, when parents started demanding accountability from their school boards across the country, the Biden Administration worked to declare parents domestic terrorists. When Governor Hochul illegally ignored the New York State Supreme Court’s ruling declaring mask mandates in schools unconstitutional, hundreds of concerned parents across the North Country reached out to my office. Many of these parents had other stories that raised additional concern with the treatment of students and parents in our district.
“As the most senior New York Member of Congress on the House Committee on Education and Labor, I want to hear your stories and fight for accountability and transparency at the highest levels. Most importantly, I want to ensure every student has the best quality educational opportunities possible. Our students deserve schools that are safe, effective, and responsive to the needs of our parents.”
Parents can access this resource on Congresswoman Stefanik’s website here to report their concerns and share their stories directly.