Washington, D.C.  – Today, Congresswoman Stefanik joined President Trump and a group of her colleagues at the White House to participate in a roundtable focused on reopening America. President Trump named Congresswoman Stefanik to his bipartisan Task Force on Reopening the Economy three weeks ago. 

“We are working diligently in the North Country to develop a path forward that protects public health and safely re-opens our economy,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “I am determined to ensure that the top priorities of the North Country have a seat at the table whether it’s issues related to Northern Border, workforce development, rural healthcare, rural broadband or ensuring support for state and local government.  The President understands it is important for rural districts like ours to have a seat at the table when discussing ideas and policies to restart our economy. We discussed a wide variety of ideas that will be beneficial to the North Country, including prioritizing the hard-hit tourism industry, recognizing the importance of strengthening rural broadband, ending our reliance on China for pharmaceutical production, promoting fair trade policies, and incentivizing the direct hiring of laid-off workers. I will continue to work closely with President Trump and my bipartisan colleagues in Congress on ideas and policies to restart and reinvigorate our economy as we combat and ultimately beat COVID-19.”

To watch Congresswoman Stefanik’s comments during the public portion of the meeting, click here or below.

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