Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik today opposed Democrats' spending bill that pushes $1.7 trillion of taxpayer dollars to fund their Far Left radical agenda.

“One-party Democrat rule has failed hardworking Americans. Due to Democrats’ reckless spending and failed policies, every family is experiencing the most expensive Christmas in history, our southern border is in chaos, and energy costs are skyrocketing. Instead of addressing these crises, Lame Duck Democrats doubled down on their radical wish list that spends nearly two trillion taxpayer dollars to expand their radical agenda. 

“In the midst of the historic border crisis of their own making, Democrats are failing to provide necessary support for our brave border patrol, but are working to subsidize illegal immigration by providing $10 million for lawyers for illegal immigrants. While families are struggling, Democrats are pushing over $12 billion for the IRS to target the middle-class. They have proven their priorities are not for hardworking Americans.

“The American people have seen through Democrats’ out-of-touch priorities, which is why they put an end to one-party Democrat rule. Make no mistake, in the new majority, House Republicans will rein in reckless spending, secure our border, and provide a critical check on Democrats’ radical policies on behalf of hardworking families.”