Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Fox and Friends to discuss House Republicans’ unified opposition to Democrats’ Inflation ‘Expansion’ Act, which will only exacerbate our inflation crisis, waste money on failed Green New Deal policies, and spend $80 billion on the IRS to increase audits of middle-class Americans. Stefanik also demanded answers and accountability from the FBI and the Department of Justice in the wake of the unprecedented FBI raid of President Donald Trump.

Watch her full interview here.

Below are highlights of her interview:

On the unprecedented FBI raid on Donald Trump’s estate at Mar-A-Lago:

“House Republicans are going to follow the facts and demand accountability and transparency. The statement by Attorney General Merrick Garland is not nearly enough. The American people deserve to know all aspects and all details.”

“This is Joe Biden’s Department of Justice and the FBI targeting his most likely presidential opponent in 2024. It is not news to the American people that President Trump is very likely to run for president.”

“This is the same agency that perpetuated the Russia hoax for years. That tried to undermine this administration. And this is just blatant politicization and it should concern every American. I will tell you my constituents are deeply, deeply concerned about the politicization of the FBI and Biden’s DoJ.”

“That’s why it’s important in our oversight role on the House Intelligence Committee. We continue to see the FBI refuse to answer questions when they create controversies and they overreach. And that should never be the case. Congress has oversight over these agencies. We will ask those tough questions.” 

“These agencies are paid for by hard-working taxpayer dollars, and if you can do this to a former President of the United States, every American is fearful.”

On the Inflation Expansion Act:

“We are going to adamantly oppose this legislation…It does nothing to reduce inflation. In fact, it’s going to expand inflation. It should be called the ‘Inflation Expansion Act’.”

“There is more focus on the Green New Deal than any other issue in the bill, over $350 billion spent on Green New Deal additions.”

“What is most concerning to me is the 87,000 IRS agents and those agents aren’t helping the American people get their tax refunds. They are focused on, again, increasing their overreach. And constituents in my district, the vast majority of the audits are for those under $70,000 for a household income. That is a significant expansion of government. That is exactly what we do not need right now.” 

“We need to absolutely stop the spending and we are going to hold Democrats accountable this November. Democrats who voted for the trillion dollars of spending and are now voting when we are facing 40-year high inflation. They are voting for this ‘Inflation Expansion Act’ that is trying to hide the Green New Deal priorities that are so out of touch with the American people. And it’s going to make gas prices go up just when the American people cannot afford it.”

"We are going to do everything we can to reverse it. The numbers that we are talking about here would make the IRS bigger than the staffs of the Pentagon, the FBI, the Border Patrol and State Department combined. It is an army of IRS agents. It is bloated government at its worst. And this is at the same time we are talking about FBI’s politicization and overreach. It is un-American. It’s not the direction that the vast majority of the American people want to be seeing in this country.”

“House Republicans will be unified in opposition, and we will continue to make sure the American people know what Democrats are trying to hide in these big legislative bloated packages.”