Washington, D.C. – In case you missed it, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy to discuss what the United States should be doing to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia and how Joe Biden and House Democrats’ inflation and energy crises are hurting Americans in the North Country and across the nation.

Highlights from the interview include:
On the United States Supporting Ukraine’s Fight Against Russia:
“The United States of America stands strongly with the people of Ukraine. And God bless Zelenskyy for the leadership he has shown throughout this horrific, horrific war, the most significant war since the end of World War II.”
“The United States needs to do everything we absolutely can to provide ammunition, to provide anti-tank, to provide anti-aircraft, anti-ship weapons for the Ukrainians so that they are able to defend, and continue this fight for, their sovereignty.”
“Make no mistake, Vladimir Putin is a war criminal, and there will be accountability on the global stage.”
On Joe Biden’s Failed Deterrence Strategy and Weak Leadership:
“I joined with fellow House Republicans advocating for providing very specific munitions prior to any invasion as a form of deterrence. Unfortunately, President Biden did not make that decision, and they only started after the invasion to start getting weapons, munitions.”
“The United States needs to support the anti-ship weapons transfer and not stand in the way. And this takes leadership, this takes global leadership. The United States should be out front in standing strong with our partner, a free Ukraine.”
“Vladimir Putin only looks to strength. And I think that was one of the big mistakes that Joe Biden made in terms of giving away the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, giving a slap on the wrist when it was Russian-backed cyber attacks on U.S. infrastructure. So, the U.S. needed to act earlier.”
On Joe Biden’s Inflation Crisis and Energy Crisis:
“The number one issue I’m hearing from my constituents economically is inflation.”
“I represent so many seniors that are on very limited incomes, so that increase in groceries every single week, almost $300 a month, that is absolutely crushing. That is essentially a tax on every single American.”
“In addition, energy costs, we have seen the war on American energy independence under Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s unfortunately failed leadership.”
“When you represent a rural district like mine in the North Country of New York, when it’s not rare for an individual to commute an hour each way to work every day, that is crushing economically. It’s crushing to balance your family’s budget. So, we need to make sure we’re reining in this reckless spending and not continuing the tax-and-spend policies out of both Albany and Washington, D.C. that are hurting families.”