Washington, DC – Congresswoman Stefanik issued the following statement in response to reports from the Washington Post that President Biden’s Administration is considering flying illegal immigrants to states near the Canadian border for processing:

“President Biden’s proposal to fly illegal immigrants to Northern Border states for processing is dangerous and would put the safety of our North Country community and our border law enforcement officers at risk. This proposal is especially outrageous and untenable at a time when American citizens cannot even cross the Northern Border to visit their family or access their own property. President Joe Biden has created the most significant southern border crisis in my lifetime. Yet the Biden Administration refuses to address the record number of illegal immigrants at the southern border and instead included ZERO funding for U.S. Border Patrol in his $1.9 trillion spending package. President Biden has already reassigned U.S. Border Patrol Agents from the North Country to the southern border and whistleblowers among local border officers have come forward that they have tested positive for COVID at the southern border. Our southern border is a public health, humanitarian, economic, and national security crisis due to President Biden’s failed border and immigration policies.”