Glens Falls, NY – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Kudlow to discuss House Republicans’ commitment to a strong economy in the new majority and our plan to rein in Joe Biden and House Democrats’ reckless spending, which has fueled the inflation crisis. Stefanik also slammed the politicization of the FBI against their political opponents, including former President Trump.

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Highlights of her interview are below:

On Biden’s inflation crisis:

“Inflation is the number one issue impacting every American family. House Republicans, we unveiled our Commitment to America because the American people know that single-party Democrat rule has failed. But they also need to know what House Republicans intend to accomplish.” 

“Top of the list is an economy that’s strong. That means immediately stopping the trillions and trillions of dollars of reckless spending that has gone out the door—that has fueled this inflation crisis, bringing the budget back to balance, and putting an absolute stop to those reckless spending bills that have occurred under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership.”

“Another bill that I proposed is the REIN IN Inflation Act that specifically has to do with executive actions issued by President Biden. So it’s not just Pelosi’s Congress that caused this, but it's also those executive orders. I want every single executive order the president issues to have an Inflationary Impact Study public for the American people, because many of his executive actions fueled this crisis. “

On unleashing American energy dominance:

“We’ve seen Joe Biden essentially do everything he can to crush American energy independence. House Republicans have bills that are ready to move. Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi hasn’t brought them up, but we will, to unleash American energy independence, to lower the price of gas, lower the price of utilities, lower the price of home heating.”

On using the appropriations process to cut government spending:

“We have the power of the purse through the appropriations process. So when it comes to these new reckless programs or ‘Green New Deal’ programs that have just been hundreds of billions of dollars that have fueled this inflation crisis, one of many, many things that have fueled the inflation crisis.”

“We can rein in and not authorize certain new programs that are a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. We ought to be looking at every single one of these reckless new programs in the next Republican majority to make sure that if it is fueling inflation, which it is, that we rein it in.”

On Republicans’ plan to combat the Biden Recession: 

“We’re in a recession now. My constituents feel it. I was just at the grocery store earlier this week, and people feel the economic crunch. There is a fear of what’s ahead when it comes to where the economy is headed under Joe Biden. So, yes, unfortunately, we’re going to inherit this historic inflation.” 

“In terms of pro-growth policies, making sure we make permanent the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, looking at reduction of regulations, which was a huge achievement during the Trump administration, to unleash job growth in America—and lowering taxes is always a good idea when it comes to creating job growth, allowing small businesses and manufacturers to have the ability to hire more individuals. So there is a lot we absolutely must do when it comes to pro-growth policies.” 

On the weaponization and politicization of the FBI:

“Director Wray should resign for many reasons. I’ve called for him to resign.”

“The FBI deserves scrutiny. That bombshell news that they offered in October of 2016, to pay Christopher Steele one million dollars, that is essentially using taxpayer dollars to fuel disinformation, to politicize and try to tamper with the 2016 election. They will be held accountable in a Republican majority. I sit on the House Intelligence Committee. I’ve had a front row seat when it comes to the FBI’s weaponization and politicization, and that’s part of our oversight capabilities to make sure they hold them accountable. The subpoenas are coming. That's another part of our Commitment to America is a government that's accountable to the American people.”

“People know that the DOJ and the FBI—they have a different set of standards based upon your political affiliation.”