Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik supported the passage of the Hamas and Other Palestinian Terrorist Groups International Financing Prevention Act to ensure that heavy sanctions are imposed on any foreign persons, agencies, or instrumentalities of a foreign state knowingly and materially assisting Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, or any affiliate of those organizations. 

This bill requires that the President submit an annual report to Congress over the next three years identifying entities that assist these terrorist organizations and requires heavy sanctions be imposed on those entities. It also ensures that the President reports to Congress on any foreign governments that support these acts of terrorism and requires the suspension of U.S. assistance to that government for one year. It also prohibits that government’s transactions in foreign exchanges. 

“Joe Biden’s weakness on the global stage has only encouraged aggression from foreign adversaries like Iran against our greatest ally Israel. Due to the lax enforcement of sanctions by the Biden Administration, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad leaders and their global sponsors committed horrific atrocities against Israel with little fear of recourse for their actions," stated Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. Peace can only be restored through strength, which is why I am proud to support this legislation to ensure that sanctions are applied to all individuals and entities who support terrorist organizations and ensure that Joe Biden is held accountable for his weak foreign policy that has emboldened Iran and its proxies.”