GLENS FALLS — The Glens Falls district office of U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-Willsboro, was overflowing Saturday, as she greeted guests and showed off the new digs located at 136 Glen St., the space formerly occupied by Rep. Bill Owens.

“This is not my office. This is the office of the residents of the 21st district in New York State,” said Stefanik of the Glens Falls office, along with two other locations.

The casual reception is the first of three planned, with dates yet to be announced for open houses at the Watertown and Plattsburgh offices which opened last month.

State Sen. Elizabeth “Betty” Little introduced Stefanik to the packed house, commenting on Stefanik’s first month in office.

“There are so many things that our district needs,” Little said. “It needs to have representation in Washington D.C. and she’s certainly is the woman that can do it.”

Stefanik returned the compliment.

“As a young woman representing this district, I can not think of a better mentor and role model for so many young woman who are involved in public policy and improving our communities than Sen. Betty Little who cracked glass ceilings when she first ran for office,” Stefanik said.

Some in the audience were equally inspired by Stefanik.

Savannah Duffy, 14, of Hudson Falls waited patiently to talk to Stefanik.

Duffy’s father, Erik, brought Savannah based on her interest in politics and journalism.

Savannah admitted she was a little nervous and didn’t have particular questions prepared.

When Stefanik chatted with her, though, conversation flowed. Savannah will likely be doing some intern work at the office in the future.

“That’s been one of the most humbling and inspiring outcomes of the campaign,” said Stefanik after she met Savannah.

“I’ve had so many young people reach out to me, sharing the same desires to get into public policy,” she said.

Not a newcomer to the political scene, Freda Solomon, wife of the late Former New York Congressman Gerald Solomon, was in attendance, as well.

“I’m delighted with what I’ve seen,” Freda said, calling Stefanik’s passion for the community, “very genuine. She’s very capable.”

Stefanik spoke about her first 30 days, most notably her role as vice chairman on the Readiness Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee

“It will give me a great platform to make sure that our defense is ready for the 21st century national security challenges and will also ensure that Fort Drum is represented in congress,” she said.

Fort Drum is the largest single site employer, not only in the district, but in the state.

She has also been named to the House Education and the Workforce Committee.

“My priority is making sure that rural schools have a seat at the table as we continue to discuss how to make sure our students are ready and prepared to enter the workforce,” she said.

Stefanik promoted her website and weekly newsletters, which will detail all her decisions and the reasoning behind her votes, she said.

“Even though you may not agree with every single vote I take, I believe in 100 percent transparency,” she said, adding she hopes other members of congress will follow her lead.