Orlando, FL – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Sandra Smith on America Reports to discuss how House Republicans’ oversight work is exposing the Biden Crime Family’s profits connected to the Chinese Communist Party. Additionally, she is working to uproot the corruption in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office by calling for DA Alvin Bragg to testify in Congress for blatantly politicizing his office against Donald Trump.

Watch her full interview here.

View a highlights from her interview below:

On House Republican Oversight Getting to the Truth of the Biden Crime Family:

“The House Oversight Committee under the leadership of Chairman Jamie Comer is hard at work. We already see another Biden family member getting a payment through a pass through…an entity related to the Chinese Communist Party. That reeks of corruption.”

“It’s our job to get transparency and accountability and follow the facts wherever they may lead. We’ve been in this majority for three months, Sandra, and we are already hard at work bringing accountability and bringing transparency, shining sunlight to make sure that we can root out any corruption.”

“This is about making sure that you don’t have a family of the President of the United States who has profited off of dealing with adversaries like the Chinese Communist Party. That is compromised.”

“We are going to leave no stone unturned to make sure that we bring this accountability and really ensure that the American people know the truth of the height of corruption of Biden and his family members.”

On House Republicans going on Offense for the Commitment to America: 

“We’re going on offense.”

“House Republicans ran on our Commitment to America: an economy that’s strong, a nation that’s safe, a future that's built upon freedom, and a government that’s accountable.”

“In the first three months of our House Republican Majority, we have delivered results. Of the 35 bills that we’ve passed, over 30 were passed on a bipartisan basis on issues ranging from unleashing American energy independence, standing up for fundamental freedoms, getting rid of these punitive COVID mandates. We are just hitting the ground running and we’re going to make sure that we deliver those results.”

On the Political Weaponization of the Government: 

“This is a political witch hunt perpetrated by one of the Far Left radical Socialist District Attorneys in Alvin Bragg.”

“I am from New York, and we've seen a crime crisis. He is taking felonies and pushing down to misdemeanors and is refusing to prosecute crimes, yet in this case…it's just about punishing political opponents of Democrats.”

“The fact they are using a Manhattan DA’s office to pursue this reeks of the weaponization of the federal government.

“We need to have Alvin Bragg testify under oath to get to the bottom of this to get to the truth.”