Washington D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Sunday Night in America to discuss House Republicans’ efforts to restore the People’s House. Together, House Republicans are ready to get to work and implement our Commitment to America with our newly elected Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. 

Watch her full interview here.

Highlights of her interview are below:

On electing Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House:

“It's important to highlight that Republicans ultimately came together and elected Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Kevin McCarthy showed grit, he showed perseverance, and he showed an ability to find that common ground.”

On House Republicans’ Commitment to America

“We are unified in making sure that we focus on our Commitment to America—reining in the reckless inflation stemming from Democrats' reckless spending, securing the border, standing up for our Constitution.”

“We're gonna hit the ground running this week as we start to implement our Commitment to America and also start our oversight agenda.”

“There is a sentiment among House Republicans that the stakes are so high with the policy challenges we're facing in this country. We're going to focus on those issues—strengthening the economy, standing up for our fundamental freedoms, securing the border, reining in Big Tech, and hitting the ground running on all of those policy priorities that we've worked on as we rolled out our Commitment to America.” 

On House Republicans’ 118th Congress Rules Package:

“We are restoring the People's House, making sure that it's not leadership top down, but Members bottom up—that every Member of Congress has a voice representing their district.”

“A lot of Members had frustration, and I think it was resulting from the experience that we've had under Nancy Pelosi’s really tyrannical leadership of how she ran the House, whether it was the magnetometers, whether it was writing thousand-page bills behind closed doors, and that frustration with single party Democrat rule.” 

“We're in a stronger place as a Republican Conference moving forward, making sure that everyone's concerns were addressed.”

“Making sure that Members have voices, that they can bring bills to the floor more easily and more accessibility—that's good for the institution.”