Washington, D.C. — House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik joined Mornings With Maria on the Fox Business Network to discuss the impeachment inquiry into President Biden and discuss the evidence of vast corruption committed by Joe Biden and his family.

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On The Necessity For Hunter Biden’s Closed Door Deposition: 

“Well, Maria, exactly what you said. In an open, public hearing, you see the Democrats turn this into a charade. It’s five minutes on each side, and it doesn't allow you to get to the facts in a deposed manner. A closed door hearing allows a legal definition. That is the only compliance with the Republican subpoena. It allows you to follow the facts, to ask follow up questions, and that is incredibly important when we’re doing this investigative work and part of this impeachment inquiry. And my colleague, Chairman Comer, is exactly correct, this is not about Hunter Biden, this is about Joe Biden and whether or not he is compromised. I believe he is fully compromised, and I believe that as we continue uncovering evidence, we will see that this is the greatest political corruption scandal of our lifetime. But that can only be found if we’re able to follow the evidence in a closed door deposition, and of course, we welcome an open hearing for the American people to see, but there has to be a closed door deposition with a long form interview with all of the witnesses. And I will point out, Maria, Democrats, when they were in the majority, they demanded that there be closed door depositions, and Jamie Raskin, who you quoted beforehand or the Reporter quote, said it was unacceptable for Steve Bannon to appear publicly and not comply with the deposition. So, now the shoe is on the other foot, and the Democrats want to wipe away their previous statements.”  

“Absolutely, and look at the precedents as well. Democrats also demanded that Donald Trump Jr. appear, and he appeared before two closed door depositions and did the transcribed interviews. This is part of our Congressional Oversight and that’s going to be very important and the only compliance is appearing before that closed door deposition and we’re going to stand by that as House Republicans.”