Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Fox News’ Harris Faulkner on the Faulkner Focus to discuss yesterday’s House Committee on Education and the Workforce’s hearing on the rampant antisemitism on college campuses across the country where she questioned Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and University of Pennsylvania’s Presidents. Stefanik highlighted the refusal by the college leaders to consider calls for the genocide of Jews as violation of their school policy. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik demands that the Presidents of these universities be immediately fired.

Watch her full interview here. 


On Questioning the Presidents of “So-Called” Elite Universities: 

“Well, Harris, I’ve been in a number of very high-profile Congressional hearings over the years, and the pathetic, moral depravity on display by the witnesses, the three university presidents from Harvard, MIT, and Penn, I’ve never witnessed anything like that. And I asked the question in such a way that it was an easy yes, that calling for the genocide of Jews in fact does violate their policies and code of conduct when it comes to bullying and harassment. And their answers were pathetic. I was so shaken, Harris, and what was probably the most tragic aspect of the hearing to me was there were a number of Jewish students from those schools in the audience sitting behind them, and to watch, just the fear, as they’re listening to the presidents of these universities fail to answer a basic question of moral clarity, it was abysmal. They don’t deserve the dignity of resigning. They need to be fired.”    

On Jewish Students Being Attacked On College Campuses Across The Country: 

It is a threat, Harris, and I have heard, not only from Jewish alumni, but Jewish students who feel unsafe when they go to their classes. Who are threatened with physical assaults, who have been physically assaulted, who take the Mezuzahs down from their doorways, who fear wearing Stars of David. It’s absurd that this is happening in the twenty-first century on so-called elite college campuses. I’m a graduate of Harvard University, and this should never happen at Harvard or anywhere. And the reality, Harris, is if you put three middle schoolers across America and ask them the same question, they would correctly answer the question and say that it’s wrong. And the fact that these presidents of universities could not answer it. It has rotted out our ivory towers and these intellectual institutions who do not understand moral clarity.”

On Asking If The Genocide Of Jews Constitutes Harrassment And Not Getting A Straight Answer: 

“Well, in her testimony, Harris, she actually said it will take conduct or action. So of course, I followed up and said, ‘What do you mean it will take action? The act of committing genocide?’ And she couldn’t even answer that ‘yes.’ It was absurd to have that back and forth. That’s why they’re not fit to be in those positions, and this is not just an issue in the United States, Harris, this is a global scourge that we are seeing of the rise of antisemitism.”  

On Universities Getting U.S. Taxpayer Dollars: 

“They currently are, and they need to be defunded. I’ve been one of the strongest voices when it comes to defunding universities that allow antisemitism to promulgate on their campuses, and we're going to continue taking that strong stance. I also think we need to continue holding these specific institutions hold accountability and make sure they are fired.”