Washington, DC -- Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Ainsley Earhardt on Fox and Friends to preview today's Education and the Workforce hearing, where Harvard University President Claudine Gay and other colleges and universities will be held accountable for their failure to address the rise of antisemitism.

Stefanik also discussed House Republicans' impeachment inquiry into President Biden, which continues to uncover more direct evidence linking Biden to his family's corrupt influence-peddling scheme. 


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On combating the rise of antisemitism at colleges and universities across America

“It is abhorrent, Ainsley. It is heinous. This rise and really explosion of antisemitism on college campuses is fundamentally un-American. Today’s hearing is incredibly important to hold these university Presidents accountable. I’m very focused on what’s been allowed to fester at Harvard. The fact that President Claudine Gay, that’s the president of Harvard University, was silent after over thirty student groups blamed Israel for the Hamas terrorist attacks that slaughtered over one thousand Israelis. The fact that the university was silent is unacceptable. I’ve called for her resignation. But the American people can be assured there will be tough questions for these university presidents today because we want to make sure that antisemitism, that we root it out at its core. It has no place in our university and higher education institutions. And look at the assaults that our Jewish students have been facing. It is unacceptable to have that at any college or university in America.”

On the Impeachment Inquiry into President Joe Biden

“You know it is important that we continue to move the process forward to deliver transparency and accountability for the American people. This vote on the impeachment inquiry would make sure that we are at the apex of our Congressional power. There has been, no surprises, stonewalling, from responding to subpoenas, and turning over documents. And we want to make sure that the Congress is able to hear from all the witnesses. This allows us to have those closed door depositions which are very important prior to open hearings. So, I anticipate an impeachment inquiry vote imminently, certainly before the end of the year. Ultimately, it's the Speaker's decision to make, but our members want to make sure that we have all the facts that I believe will uncover the greatest political scandal in our nation's history.” 

“That is true Ainsley, and we would not know that were it not for the great Oversight work of Jamie Comer and his Committee. And bank records don't lie Ainsley, the mainstream media, they may refuse to report this, but whether it's checks $240,000, made out to Joe Biden from his family who benefited from adversaries like Communist China, like Russia, or whether it's this monthly payroll, bank records do not lie.”