Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and Majority Leader Steve Scalise joined Kudlow ahead of President Biden’s State of the Union address to highlight House Republicans’ commitment to putting us on a path toward a balanced budget and the economic crisis caused by Joe Biden’s failed Far Left agenda. In the interview, Stefanik also discussed Joe Biden’s weakness toward Communist China and her legislation, the PASS Act, to prevent our foreign adversaries from buying any U.S. agricultural land or agricultural businesses. 

Watch her full remarks here.

Highlights of her interview are below:

On House Republicans’ work to put us on a path to a balanced budget: 

“Joe Biden has to negotiate with House Republicans. The American people sent a message this past election cycle, and it was—the status quo was not working. Unfortunately, tonight, I think we’ll hear from Joe Biden doubling down on his failed, Far Left, tax-and-spend policies, but House Republicans will advocate to bring our budget back towards balance.” 

“It is a win that Kevin McCarthy began negotiations with the President because, remember, it was only two weeks ago this White House said they didn’t even want to negotiate. We’re negotiating on behalf of the American people to find commonsense sensible savings to save this country. Our debt is a catastrophe, and we’re saddling future generations.”

On how Biden’s inflation crisis is affecting Americans: 

“The American people are smart, they face this every single week when it comes to balancing their own budgets. They see those grocery prices continue to go up. They see our shelves empty when it comes to baby formula, which is still not available. We still have this ongoing supply chain crisis.”

“I was born in 1984. This is the highest rate of inflation in my lifetime.”

“I read about it in the history books. We know the policies were bad, Democrats are doubling down, moving back to that era.” 

On standing strong against Communist China, and her legislation, the PASS Act:

“House Republicans are strong when it comes to countering Communist China. We are seeing from Joe Biden weakness. Just look at his abysmal mishandling of the Communist Chinese spy balloon.” 

“When it comes to Chinese investment in agricultural land, we need to do everything we can do to stop that, to protect our agricultural resources here, to protect our food supply chain. Food security is national security. I’ve introduced legislation. I’m working with colleagues in the House to ensure that China cannot make those investments to take our agricultural land out of U.S. hands. They’re investing in [agriculture] businesses and that supply chain is so, so important.” 

“I’m proud to represent Upstate farmers. You talk to the agricultural community, this is one of their top concerns. This falls into our theme as House Republicans, as part of our agenda to hold China accountable.”