Washington, D.C.  Congresswoman Elise Stefanik today joined WGY Mornings with Doug Goudie and The Paul Vandenburgh Show to blast Joe Biden’s State of the Union address for being out of touch with hardworking American families, who are struggling because of his failed policies. 

Listen to her full interview here.

Highlights from her interview include:

One Joe Biden’s Failure to Secure the Border:

“His executive actions have caused this border crisis. We had a very secure border under President Trump.”

“We have no rule of law at our border. He does not support our border patrol agents, so the lip service he has provided, saying we need increased funding for border patrol agents. House Republicans have a bill to do that…We already have legislation to secure the border that House Democrats refused to bring up that we will pass in this Congress. Joe Biden doesn't support that.”

“You have to secure the border to address the fentanyl and the poisoning that's happening to young people across this country…I always believe the American people are smart, and they can see through [Biden] trying to brush this under the rug or pass the buck.”

On Joe Biden’s Economic and Energy crises:

“He stated the state of the economy is strong, and that's just not the case. You talk to families. You talk to small businesses. Inflation continues to be a top concern—home heating bills, utility bills, gas prices…they're up significantly since when he's taken office, and it's hurting families.”

“It is very tone deaf when you have a President of the United States that out of touch with the challenges that hardworking people are facing.”

On House Republicans’ Commitment to Counter China:

“There was no intention to share this national security threat [the surveillance balloon] with the American people until an everyday American pointed it out and the news media started covering it. Joe Biden abysmally mishandled addressing this, and we need to show strength when it comes to our greatest foreign adversary in the 21st century.”

“House Republicans started our China select Committee. It's bipartisan, which it should be. And it's going to be focused on the significant economic, national security, public health threat that China [is] and how we can make sure the United States continues to show strength in the world and in our economy when it comes to countering China. As leaders around the world look at Joe Biden, they see a weak President.”

On Hosting Montgomery County Sheriff Jeff Smith:

“I was very excited to have my guest Montgomery County Sheriff Jeff Smith. I always try to invite guests who serve our communities. It's a great opportunity for them, a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ as the Sheriff said to me yesterday, to see the Capitol, see the State of the Union, [to] sit in the House Gallery, [and] meet the other guests.”

“He actually ran into another County Sheriff from New York from Yates County, who was Claudia Tenney’s guest, so it was a great day for him and a real honor for me to invite a constituent to experience the State of the Union.”

On Standing up for Milk Choice in Schools:

“We support flavored milk in schools. This is not my first time engaging with Big Government Liberals on this issue. For example, New York City Mayor Adams wanted to eliminate chocolate milk. We successfully fought that back and made him backtrack. The reality is, kids need access to healthy dairy products, and it is a great way and the most effective way to give kids access to healthy dairy products.”

“We have a Farm Bill this year. So we're in touch with lots of farmers in our district on these issues, but this is about healthy kids, and it's about parents having choices and kids having choices. It's not a partisan issue. You talk to families, and they don't think the government should be determining what kids should be able to eat.”

Listen to her full interview here.

Highlights from her interview include:

On Joe Biden’s Failure to Work with House Republicans:

“The Far Left has really taken ownership over the direction of Joe Biden and the White House, and…they seemed to double down on those failed policies.”

“Joe Biden also missed an opportunity to really understand that it's House Republicans that now are in the Majority of the Congress, and the American people sent a message. He missed an opportunity to talk about bringing our budget back towards balance and fiscal responsibility and, instead, fear mongered and lied.”

“He's going to have to negotiate with House Republicans as much as his White House and his advisers want to make him refuse, and we're going to keep pushing on behalf of the American people to address this debt crisis. $31 trillion dollars, trillions racked up just in the last two years.”

On My Push for Answers on the Schoharie Limo Crash:

“We will have subpoenas for documentation regarding, not only the investigation that my questions of Chris Wray caused the FBI to open up, but just documents related to their handling of that FBI informant who was the owner of the limo company, which of course owned the retrofitted limo that led to the very tragic death of of 20 innocent people. It's very unfortunate that it's going to take a subpoena.”

“The FBI and these agencies report to Members of Congress. In terms of our Constitutional responsibility, we have oversight over them. The fact that they have shown an unwillingness to provide the findings of the investigation, which my question in the hearing caused—that is unacceptable. And I'm going to continue fighting for transparency. In the coming weeks, it will be in that tranche of subpoenas that goes out the door.”

“We're going to use every tool we have. These agencies serve the American people, and they need to respond to Congress, especially when there is an impact like this in a region or anywhere across the country.”