Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and House Republican leadership previewed this week’s House Republican Working Retreat where members are putting in critical, legislative work to implement their Commitment to America.

During her remarks, Stefanik highlighted how House Republicans have already hit the ground running to deliver real results based on the four commitments House Republicans made to the American people.

Watch her full remarks here.

Read a full transcript of her full remarks below: 

As the Speaker laid out, we have hit the ground running, implementing our Commitment to America, based on the four commitments we made to the American people.

Number one, an economy that’s strong. You heard from the Majority Leader our focus on lowering energy prices and unleashing energy independence. We also passed on a bipartisan basis my REIN IN Inflation bill to hold Joe Biden accountable.

Number two, a nation that’s safe. Certainly that’s an issue I know firsthand being from New York, where we flipped four seats primarily because the soft-on-crime policies that we are seeing in New York State. We were proud to get bipartisan support and actually get it signed into law by President Joe Biden who switched his position when it came to nullifying the Far Left D.C. pro-criminal law they tried to place.

Number three, a future that’s based upon freedom. I serve on the House Education Committee, and we are very excited about the Parents’ Bill of Rights, which really should be a non-partisan issue. You talk to parents across this country, whether they are Republicans, Democrats, or Independents, they support making sure that parents are the primary decision-makers when it comes to their kids’ education.

Number four, a government that’s accountable to ‘we the people.' That starts with a Congress that works and is open to the people. We got rid of proxy voting but also making sure that we have robust, productive, and effective Congressional oversight to bring transparency and accountability to all of the federal agencies. 

I am so excited that during this retreat we have some amazing guest speakers. We’ll be hosting our former colleague, Trey Gowdy, who is beloved across this country, and we will also be featuring NFL Quarterback Drew Brees. 

We are excited for those speakers, and most importantly, over the course of this working retreat, we’ll have member-driven discussions on important issues, focused on the economy, focused on national security, focused on energy independence. 

This is us getting to work on behalf of the American people.