Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Stefanik today released a statement in response to Secretary of State Blinken’s upcoming official trip to China.

“Instead of condemning the blatantly aggressive behaviors of the Chinese Communist Party, Secretary Blinken announced that he will legitimize the CCP’s continued subversion of our sovereignty with an upcoming official visit. The Biden Administration’s weak actions on the global stage continue to embolden the CCP to purchase U.S. agricultural land near sensitive military installations, violate U.S. airspace, and collect intelligence against us from their recently reported installation in Cuba. 

“Secretary Blinken and the Biden Administration must immediately cease their weak and desperate pursuit of a ‘thaw’ in relations with the CCP. Instead of pandering to the CCP, House Republicans will continue to work to counter CCP aggression.”

Secretary Blinken is expected to make his visit today, June 16th, through the 21st.