Washington, D.C. — At the hearing of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik slammed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for illegally censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story to interfere with the results of the 2020 election. 

Stefanik cited national polling which concludes that a majority of Americans, including Democrats, would have changed their 2020 vote if they had been aware of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Watch her line of questioning here.

Read a full transcript of her line of questioning below:

Congresswoman Stefanik: “Ms. Morris, isn't it true that your October 2020 Hunter Biden laptop from hell story, has proven to be 100 percent factually accurate?”

Ms. Morris: “I was 27 when I published that story. It better have been.”

Congresswoman Stefanik: “Isn’t it true that the FBI obtained Hunter Biden’s laptop a full 10 months before your story broke?”

Ms. Morris: “That's correct according to the subpoena that I published.”

Congresswoman Stefanik: Isn’t it also true that we now know that the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force coerced social media companies into an alleged forthcoming Russian quote, ‘Hack and leak’ operation and as a result, illegally censored the Hunter Biden laptop story. Isn’t that true? 

Ms. Morris: “Yes.”

Congresswoman Stefanik: “And this for censorship by government agencies, like the FBI, was paid for by the taxpayer, since the taxpayers fund the FBI, isn’t that true?”

Ms. Morris: “Yes.”

Congresswoman Stefanik: “And Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell, it has everything. It’s a hell hole and cesspool of corruption and criminal conduct. It has hard drugs, prostitution, pornography, money laundering, it has Biden Family shell companies, Communist Chinese, corrupt foreign government deals from tens of millions of dollars in exchange for access to the Biden Family. The Hunter Biden laptop from hell has all of this, correct?”

Ms. Morris: “Yeah.”

Congresswoman Stefanik: “And the American people are smart. They know that this was not a hack and dump. This was illegal government censorship to protect and prop up Joe Biden on the eve of the 2020 election, and according to polling, of people who are now made aware of the Hunter Biden laptop story, 53 percent would have changed their vote, including 61 percent of Democrats. So do you agree that the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story was determinative in the 2020 election, Ms. Morris?”

Ms. Morris: “Yeah. There are various polls that say that there would have been a change in the outcome of the election and obviously it’s immediately relevant to a decision on who to vote for, so obviously.”

Congresswoman Stefanik: “And do you believe that this government censorship was election interference?”

Ms. Morris: “Yes. Any censorship of speech prevents your ability to think clearly. Yes, of course, yes.”  

Congresswoman Stefanik: “And Mr. Kennedy, I want to turn to you. You’ve heard me lay out this example of egregious and illegal government censorship. You have been censored yourself. Do you believe that government censorship is a form of election interference?”

Mr. Kennedy: “I think democracy is dependent on the free flow of information, and if that information is distorted, if the public is lied to, then it interferes with elections and by the way it interferes with public health. And the Wall Street Journal did an article a couple of weeks ago, suggesting that the censorship of important health information cost American lives.”

Congresswoman Stefanik: “And Mr. Kennedy, I want to ask you specifically about the Hunter Biden laptop story. The total blackout on all social media outlets as well as telecom, you couldn’t text the link to the Hunter Biden laptop story. This specifically was a form of election interference by the U.S. government in the 2020 election.”

Mr. Kennedy: “I don’t know enough about it. I know that there was censorship on that story and other stories that presumably could have changed people’s minds about the election.”

Congresswoman Stefanik: “We know the polling demonstrates that now, people have said they would have changed their vote had they been made aware of the Hunter Biden laptop story. Isn’t that correct?” 

Mr. Kennedy: “I am not aware of that, but I’m not surprised.”

Congresswoman Stefanik: “Mr. Sauer, I want to turn to you. I want your reflection on this form of government censorship, specifically in the 2020 election, as a form of election interference and what I believe is some of the most egregious political scandals that, you know, I will live through in my lifetime. Mr. Sauer, what are your reflections?”

Mr. Sauer: “I strongly agree with your characterization of that form of censorship as election interference. The evidence in our case strongly supports that. It strongly supports, actually we have judicial findings now, that the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story was done at the instigation of federal officials in the FBI, at a very high level of that organization. It was an orchestrated campaign of deception that was anticipatory, it was planned in advance, and it was, I think, consummated with the testimony that I hadn’t seen before that’s been put out today from Ms. Dehmlow characterizing how at the very end, the FBI then clammed up at the last minute after spending months of seeding the record in these endless, ceaseless meetings with social media platforms about, ‘there’s a hack and dump coming, it’s gonna involve Hunter Biden,’ then when it actually came they said, ‘whoop, no comment.’ Our judge focused on that particular issue. It’s kind of the coup de grâce in this form of election interference.”