Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and her colleagues discussed the results House Republicans delivered for the American people in their Appropriations bills, including curbing reckless government spending and securing our Northern and Southern Borders.

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View the full transcript of her remarks below:

“A new national NBC poll shows voters overwhelmingly trust Republicans over Democrats on the economy, border security, and crime. And on the question of who is best fit to handle the economy, Republicans have a 21 point margin, the highest margin in the history of when the question has been asked. In addition, according to an even more recent Morning Consult poll, voters say that the Democrat Party is more extreme than Republicans by an almost double digit margin. And, of course, this weekend, a new ABC-Washington Post poll shows Joe Biden trailing the Republican frontrunner, President Trump, by 10 points. 

Republicans continue to show why we were brought to Washington: to be good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars and combat the many crises created by Joe Biden and Far Left Democrats’ policies, especially the raging border crisis.

Last month alone, our Southern Border saw over 230,000 encounters. It is time for Democrats to work with Republicans to secure the border, and the majority of voters agree. 

Last night was a big night. House Republicans passed the rule to bring four Appropriations bills to the House floor for consideration. These Appropriations bills include many, conservative wins for the American people and rein in Extreme Democrats’ reckless spending. 

Our Homeland Security Appropriations Bill secures our borders by increasing the number of Border Patrol Agents to 22,000 and finishing the wall on our Southern Border. It also prohibits funding for Joe Biden’s failed, open border policies that have led to a border crisis across America. 

Our Defense Appropriations bill: It eliminates woke DOD programs. It cuts 20 billion dollars from Joe Biden’s wasteful budget and redirects funding to warfighting needs. And it gives our brave Servicemembers a historic pay raise. 

Our State and Foreign Ops Appropriations bill protects life by including the expanded Mexico City Policy. It prohibits funds for groups facilitating illegal immigration to our border, and it counters Communist China’s aggression. 

And our Ag Appropriations bill prohibits foreign adversaries like Communist China from buying up American farmland. This is an important bill that I've worked on for a number of years. And it eliminates funding for radical Green New Deal policies, and it terminates Joe Biden’s Water’s of the U.S. Rule.

From protecting American values at home to ensuring our national security abroad, House Republicans are committed to curbing Joe Biden’s reckless spending and delivering results for the American people, especially securing the border.”