Washington, D.C.  Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Shannon Bream on Fox News Sunday to discuss government funding, the formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden, and New York State’s illegal immigration crisis. 

Watch her full interview here.

Highlights of her interview are below: 

On Government Funding and the Appropriations Process: 

“Well, we’re in a very good place. I’ve been engaged in conversation with members, as well as Speaker McCarthy, over the weekend. We are working through this and I’m optimistic that we will continue to move the appropriations process forward and that includes the D.O.D. Appropriations bill. That also includes, potentially, a Continuing Resolution to ensure that we do not face a government shutdown. But what’s really important here, Shannon, is on behalf of the American people, we know inflation is one of the top concerns. 91 percent of the American people are concerned about inflation. We have to rein in on this reckless, out-of-control spending that we have seen under the Biden Administration.”

On the Need for an Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden: 

“The impeachment inquiry is an important step to take for legal purposes, to make sure that the House and Congress as an institution is at its apex of Constitutional authority, to make sure that we can get access to documents and, frankly, depositions that we know the Administration is going to stonewall. But it’s important, Shannon, to take a step back. Take a look at what House Republicans have uncovered. We’ve uncovered dozens of LLCs by Biden family members, including over 20 million dollars, some of which came in while Joe Biden was Vice President. So this is about Joe Biden and really answering valid concerns regarding corruption and national security.” 

“I believe transparency and good governance is very, very important for any Congress. And we know that Joe Biden started off saying he had no knowledge of Hunter Biden’s business dealings, and then the White House quickly shifted their story to say Joe Biden had no involvement. We know, as we continue to uncover the facts, that’s simply not the case. Joe Biden was involved with phone calls with Hunter Biden’s top foreign clients. So, I believe that the Biden family, including then-Vice President Joe Biden, was deeply involved in this nexus. And, frankly, the question of bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors is an important one, and it is up to us as Congress to make sure that we deliver accountability and transparency to the American people. That’s why this White House is fighting tooth and nail to turn over documents, to answer questions, because they know we’re continuing to uncover what I believe is going to be the greatest political scandal of our lifetime.”

On New York State’s Illegal Immigration Crisis: 

“The immediate crisis is to secure the border, Shannon. Let’s take a step back. Mayor Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul support sanctuary city policies. There is a reason that New York City is getting overrun and it's because of the border crisis and it’s because of the illegal transfers of illegals into New York State. They try to transfer these illegals to parts of Upstate New York. Upstate, not only New York Republicans but Democrats as well, at the elected level spoke out strongly against this. So, the way to solve this is by securing our border, which is why House Republicans put a border security bill on the floor. We voted in support of it. Tellingly, not a single Democrat voted to secure our borders. And it's why when we continue these appropriations discussions, one of our key priorities is making sure we have strong border security policies. So, this is a catastrophe of Democrats making in New York State and they’re going to feel the pain at the ballot box because 81 percent of New Yorkers, that includes Democrats as well, are very concerned and think this is a serious issue that New York is facing.”