Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined her colleagues to highlight how House Republicans have been working tirelessly for the American people.

Watch her full remarks here.

View the full transcript of her remarks below:

“The American people know that as a result of the Biden Administration and Democrats’ failed, Far Left policies, the National debt just reached 33 trillion dollars, the border crisis is raging across the country, including in my home state in New York, and inflation continues to hurt hard working Americans, families, small businesses, farms. It’s still the number one issue I hear across my district. 

Members of the House Republican Conference have been working tirelessly to come together to pass a 30 day continuing resolution with important policy riders to secure the border including ending catch and release, restarting the Remain in Mexico policies of the Trump Administration that were very effective, increasing detention capacity, and requiring safe third country agreements for illegal immigrants seeking asylum as well as resuming the construction of the border wall. 

Joe Biden’s open border policies have turned every community into a border community, devastating my home state of New York, and we know from our Texas and Southern Border colleagues, this has been an existential issue for years. Importantly, the CR cuts non-discretionary spending by eight percent. It fully funds the disaster relief funds, and it includes language to give the DOD much needed flexibility for the duration of the CR. 

This 30 day extension allows us to continue our hard work in the Appropriations process to rein in reckless spending and ensure that we are good stewards of taxpayers' dollars. 

In addition, this week, we will also vote on a resolution condemning the unconstitutional action of New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham that suspended open carry and concealed firearms in New Mexico. This is a gun ban that deprives the citizens of New Mexico of their God-given, Constitutional right to bear arms.”