Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Mornings with Maria to discuss how House Republicans are working to rein in reckless government spending and secure our Southern and Northern Borders. She also discussed the House’s formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden and highlighted the mounting evidence that caused Speaker McCarthy to direct the House Committees to open a formal impeachment inquiry.

Watch her full interview here.

Highlights of her interview are below: 

On Reining In Reckless Government Spending & Securing Our Borders: 

“Well, we’re continuing conversations with members all across the House Republican Conference, and I think what the Speaker pointed out is, this was a negotiated language between the House Freedom Caucus as well as the House Main Street Partnership. So, what are known as the more centrist Republicans with the very conservative part of our conference. And, I think it is a step forward in the right direction. And the important part of the CR is it also includes important policy riders related to securing the border. And I will tell you, Maria, that is a catastrophe no matter where you are, not just in Southern Border states like Texas, but in my home state like New York. So, we’re going to continue those conversations and ultimately, the CR will be a thirty-day government funding extension, but importantly, it allows us to continue our work on the Appropriations process. You talked about the historic national debt. House Republicans are committed to reining in spending. And as we move through the Appropriations process, that’s what we’re focused on, to rein in the reckless spending that we’ve seen under Joe Biden.” 

On Rooting Out Waste Fraud And Abuse In Government Spending: 

“I join my colleagues in saying we have to stand up for taxpayers across this country. We have to rein in our nation’s spending particularly for the next generation. That’s why we want to pass the CR, so we can continue, in that 30 days, to move good, conservative appropriations bills and really rooting out the waste, fraud, and abuse in these various agencies, the duplicative programs, and the gross overreach in explosion of federal spending that we’ve seen just in the past two years. Joe Biden and House Democrats and Senate Democrats added 10 trillion dollars in the next decade in just two years of unified single-party rule. So, this is an area where House Republicans agree on. This is why earlier this year when it came to the debt ceiling negotiations, this was the first time ever that when it came to budget caps, that we will spend less than the last Congress. So, we are going to continue to work through that appropriations process and communicate that with the American people who are also forced to balance their budgets in a very challenging economy.”

On The House's Impeachment Inquiry:

“House Republicans are going to follow the facts wherever they may lead. And that’s why this impeachment inquiry step is so important. It ensures that, constitutionally, Congress is at the apex of our power, so we can follow, indeed, the facts wherever they may lead. I have always said and I believe that this is going to uncover the greatest political scandal and corruption scandal in American history, that Joe Biden was deeply tied into Hunter Biden’s illegal business dealings, so we will follow those facts. I support the Speaker in taking this step towards impeachment inquiry, but it’s about transparency for the American people. We have to root out corruption wherever it lies, especially if it lies in the Oval Office.”

“Well, we have a very large Conference. And, I will tell you, Maria, since the start of this year until now, there are more and more Republican members who supported this step of taking the impeachment inquiry to the next level. And the reason for that is House Republicans have uncovered whether it’s the 20 plus LLCs that went to Biden family members, whether it was the over 20 million dollars that flowed into Biden family personal coffers, while Joe Biden was Vice President, and that money, of course, came from countries like China, like Romania, like Kazakhstan, like Ukraine. They’re very important questions that need to be asked about bribery as well as high crimes and misdemeanors. And you’re seeing more and more Republicans want to focus on the transparency and facts. So we’re going to continue to do our oversight work, and I think members, ultimately, when it comes to rooting out corruption, I believe they fully support that and are going to fully support this process moving forward especially as more facts and evidence comes out about criminal behavior.”