Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Fox and Friends to discuss Speaker McCarthy’s decision to open an impeachment inquiry into President Biden and why it is necessary at this point in time given the mounting evidence that House Republicans’ investigations have uncovered. Stefanik also discussed New York State’s ongoing illegal immigration crisis and highlighted how House Republicans have already passed legislation that would resolve this crisis. 

Stefanik On Why An Impeachment Inquiry Into President Biden Is Necessary & How To Fix New York’s Illegal Immigration Crisis

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Highlights of her interview are below: 

On Why We Need An Impeachment Inquiry Into President Biden:

“I’ve been supportive of the impeachment inquiry going back to July, Brian. And it’s important to look at where we are today and the facts we’ve already uncovered. Since the start of this year, House Republicans have uncovered over 20 LLCs used by the Biden family. We’ve also uncovered over $20 million while then-Vice President Joe Biden. That 20 million dollars from China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania going into the Biden family. We also know that, according to very reliable, confidential human sources that has worked for decades with the FBI, that there was a bribery scheme when it came to Burisma and the Obama Administration’s policy for Ukraine. So this is what I believe will be the largest political corruption scandal in our lifetime and potentially in the history of the country. The American people deserve all the facts and transparency. That’s why we’re making sure that we’re pursuing impeachment inquiry.” 

On What Powers An Impeachment Inquiry Grants the House: 

“Well, the impeachment inquiry is an important step in the sense that it ensures that Congress is at the apex of our power when it comes to deposition, subpoena. We know that the Biden Administration and the Department of Justice are going to fight this tooth and nail because they don't want the truth and the facts to come out to the American people. But the impeachment inquiry gives us the most power, Constitutionally, in court, and I think that’s very important. And regardless if you’re Republican, Democrat, or Independent, the transparency is key here. The American people deserve to know the bribery scheme and the illegal acts and the corruption at the highest level of our government.”

On New York’s Illegal Immigration Crisis: 

“Well, I certainly oppose that and have been one of the leading voices speaking out against the amnesty policies, frankly, that have been perpetrated by Governor Hochul, Mayor Eric Adams of New York City, and most prominently, President Joe Biden. And remember, these Democrat leaders in New York, they were the ones that initially said, ‘We welcome illegals to New York State.’ Now, it is an absolute crisis. Whether it comes to we don’t have the economic and budget and fiscal ability to care for these individuals, that over 19,000 illegals that are now in school systems, that hurts hardworking New York families, New York students who already are facing significant challenges. And now, to give them work permits in New York State circumventing the state legislature, that’s absolutely, I oppose it, and we need to secure the border. You have Eric Adams, Kathy Hochul begging Joe Biden for federal funds. What they really should be focused on is securing the border because we know the policies that worked, and House Republicans passed the strongest border security package in the history of Congress.”