Washington, D.C.- Congresswoman Elise Stefanik applauds Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for rightfully considering a challenge to New York’s State Executive Law 228, which targets law-abiding gun owners by requiring unnecessary and burdensome background checks and placing additional taxes on ammunition and firearm purchases.

In August, Rep. Stefanik led her New York colleagues in sending a letter to New York Governor Kathy Hochul urging the flawed system be stopped and instead refocus on the rising crime crisis in New York. According to Supreme Court records, Justice Thomas will bring the case to the full court for conference on October 6. 

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik:

"Last month, I led my New York Republican colleagues in demanding Governor Kathy Hochul delay her unconstitutional anti-Second Amendment action. Constituents in my Congressional District have made their frustration known loud and clear. Gov. Hochul's state-run background check system and tax on Constitutional rights are causing serious delays and false denials. I have heard from constituents, including former law enforcement officials, who have successfully purchased a firearm only to be denied the ability to purchase ammunition. The delays are also causing community firearm retailers to lose customers who say they aren't going to wait and instead go to neighboring states for ammunition to avoid the state registration and extra taxes. Taxing law-abiding New Yorkers and delaying and denying their Second Amendment rights must end - full stop. I applaud Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for rightfully considering a challenge to New York's new illegal anti-2nd Amendment law. I will do everything possible to bring this unconstitutional siege on our God-given right to bear arms to a grinding halt.”