Washington D.C.- Congresswoman Elise Stefanik reintroduced the Modern Worker Empowerment Act, along with Congressman Kevin Kiley (CA-03) and Congresswoman Michelle Steel (CA-45), to update the Fair Labor Standards Act and the National Labor Relations Act to create a clear definition and standard across federal laws to protect independent workers. 

This comes as the Biden Administration’s Department of Labor is finalizing a new rule to create an obtuse multi-factor test that will undoubtedly lead to confusion for workers and take away opportunities from these individuals. With multitudes of differing state and federal statutes regulating independent contractors, the Modern Worker Empowerment Act will provide much needed clarity and stability for the American independent worker ensuring opportunities regardless of which state they reside. 

“Millions of Americans choose to be independent contractors allowing more control of their schedule and increased flexibility. Despite this, Joe Biden’s Department of Labor has decided to turn their back on these workers proposing a new flawed rule which would eliminate this work classification taking away opportunities from hardworking American workers.” Stated Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. “I am proud to reintroduce the Modern Worker Empowerment Act allowing the American worker to choose how they want to work, providing clarity, and consistency for creators and workers by creating clear “employee” definitions across federal laws.” 

“Workers have the right to choose how they make a living, but due to California’s AB5, independent contractors and entrepreneurs have had a harder time choosing their classification.” Stated Congresswoman Michelle Steel (CA-45). “I am proud to work on this at the federal level to ensure there are more protected under federal law and give clarity to the more than two million independent contractors and entrepreneurs working across California who want choice and flexibility in the modern workforce.”

"California's AB 5 is one of the most damaging laws in modern U.S. history, causing countless freelancers and independent contractors to lose their livelihoods. Now, the Biden Administration is attempting to nationalize this assault on the Right to Earn a living and ensnare millions more Americans.” Stated Congressman Kevin Kiley (CA-03)."The Modern Worker Empowerment Act will protect the Right to Earn a Living and safeguard alternate work arrangements from being eliminated by the federal bureaucracy. This legislation is essential to advance economic opportunity and the American Dream in the 21st century."

The Modern Worker Empowerment Act is supported by: Heritage Action for America, American Bakers Association, Flex Association, and the Financial Services Institute.