Washington, D.C- Congresswoman Elise Stefanik released the following statement hammering New York Governor Kathy Hochul for the reckless sanctuary-state policies that caused New York’s illegal immigration and refusing to address the root cause of this crisis. 

Hochul announced that 150 National Guard members will be deployed to process illegal immigrants in New York City so that they can receive further taxpayer funded benefits.

“Governor Kathy Hochul and New York’s Far Left Democrats are responsible for incentivizing the raging illegal immigration crisis that is devastating New York. Instead of bringing in the National Guard to New York City to, by their own admission, process the illegal immigrants to receive taxpayer-funded benefits, Hochul should call on Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer to secure our Southern and Northern Borders by passing and signing into law House Republicans’ Secure the Border Act, the strongest border security bill in history.”