Washington, D.C. – Chairwoman Elise Stefanik joined The Roger Stone Show to discuss the long overdue resignation of Former Harvard President Claudine Gay, the ongoing investigation into America’s fundamentally broken and corrupt higher education system, Joe Biden’s weaponization of the federal government, the House’s impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, and much more. 



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On Exposing the Rot Of Antisemitism Within Our Nation’s Colleges and Universities: 

“Well, thank you for asking, Roger. That hearing made history. The question that I posed the three university presidents was a very specific moral question. It was not a political question. And the question was, ‘Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate your university’s code of conduct on bullying and harassment?’ And the reason I asked that question in that way was I anticipated that each of the university presidents would, of course, answer ‘Yes’. And instead, they all blew it in a historic fashion. And as I said, in my question, and response to them in real time, ‘The world is watching.’And indeed, there were over one billion views in less than a week making it the most viewed congressional testimony in history. Let me take you a little bit further into the room and the purpose of that hearing. So, I am a graduate of Harvard. I was the first member of my immediate family to have the opportunity to graduate from college. And I was very proud and I'm still proud to have broken those barriers for my family. And it has been unbelievable to hear the harrowing stories from students, from Jewish faculty members, Jewish students on campus who have faced physical assault, harassment, and particularly after the terrorist attack on Israel on October 7th by Hamas, the universities’ absolute failure to stand strongly to protect Jewish students and stand by our greatest ally, Israel. So I encouraged the Committee to host that hearing. I did not anticipate that there would be such horrific answers. And we've now seen the results. Two of those university presidents have been forced to resign. Penn’s President, Liz McGill, was forced to resign within a week. And it took about a month for Harvard's President. They tried to hang on. They tried to cover up her morally bankrupt testimony. They tried to cover up after much scrutiny over 50 examples of egregious plagiarism in her academic and professional portfolio. But ultimately, she was forced to resign as well. And it is just the tip of the iceberg, Roger, I mean, these are university presidents sitting atop institutions where antisemitism is on the rise, unfortunately, on college campuses, and it is ingrained in these DEI woke policies that we have seen really capture our higher ed institutions. So there's a lot more work going forward.”

On Former Harvard President Claudine Gay’s Long Overdue Resignation & Ongoing Congressional Investigations: 

“Well, I think the hearing had an immediate impact. For example, Stanford and University of Michigan i. a day, I believe, after the hearing, they made a public statement that calling for the genocide of Jews would in fact, violate their schools’ code of conduct. And I think it is going to really unveil much more work that needs to happen. And that's why this investigation is so important, looking at the governance structure of these universities. So in the case of Harvard, you have the Harvard Corporation Board that covered up the plagiarism scandal that they were aware of prior to the Congressional hearing. They also covered up and unanimously supported her despite her morally bankrupt testimony. You also have the federal funding piece. So each of these universities relies on billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars. And we need to take a closer look at that on behalf of the American people. There's also a foreign funding piece. And that was a question that I asked Harvard specifically in the hearing that didn't get quite as much coverage. But it's still very, very important is, these schools are accepting foreign funding with strings attached to it, whether it's the curricula that they teach, whether it's the professors that they hire, and this is part of the strain of antisemitism. If you look at the Qatar money that is flowing into the Middle Eastern Studies programs at many universities, specifically Harvard is one of those. And then as I mentioned, Roger, the DEI offices, which are themselves inherently racist, we need to make sure that we bring transparency and accountability and that there's no taxpayer dollars going to prop up these DEI offices. And I'll give you an example at Harvard. Even prior to Hamas’ terrorist attack against Israel. A few years ago, hundreds of students had reached out to the Office of DEI, concerned about the rise of antisemitic slurs, antisemitic attacks, and harassment on campus. The Office of DEI at Harvard did not even respond. That is unacceptable. So there's a lot of work to do, but people are looking for leadership. And as you said, Claudine Gay and Harvard’s statement claimed racism, claimed that it was a well laid trap. It was not a trap. It was a very simple question.”

On Joe Biden’s Weaponization Of The Federal Government: 

“Well, Roger, we are seeing the greatest attack on our democracy, and that is the weaponization of the federal government to go after Joe Biden’s top political opponent, and frankly, this goes back to 2016 where you had a corrupt FBI targeting the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, in the 2016 election cycle. You had the Obama Administration perpetrate the false Russia hoax that of course led to the sham impeachment, which I was a part of front and center on Adam Schiff’s absolutely partisan impeachment sham, and I was proud to be the leading voice standing up against Adam Schiff. So this is all part of a timeline of weaponizing the federal government.” 

On The Biden Impeachment Inquiry:

“I’ve been the biggest advocate for the importance of moving that along because I believe the American people deserve transparency. I have always said that I believe this will be the greatest political scandal of our lifetime and potentially in American history. You have in the White House currently, the head of the Biden Crime Family, ie: the “Big Guy.” Ten percent for the big guy. The American people are smart, they know that’s Joe Biden. We literally have uncovered under the leadership of Jamie Comer, who chairs Oversight, Jason Smith who chairs Ways and Means, and Jim Jordan who chairs Judiciary, we have uncovered bank records of hundreds of thousands of dollars flowing from Hunter Biden’s corrupt illegal businesses with foreign adversaries like Communist China flowing right into Joe Biden’s bank account. This is a compromised President. He is unfit for office and I believe it is very important that all of those facts be made clear to the American people. Right before the district work period over the holidays, we saw Hunter Biden defy a subpoena and show up to the halls of Congress after coordinating with Joe Biden. That makes Joe Biden complicit in the defiance of the subpoena. So we need to hold these individuals accountable, and I believe transparency is an important part of that process which is why we are going to continue moving the investigation forward quickly but thoroughly which is really important and the American people can make their decision come November. And I believe that Joe Biden, as I said, this will be the greatest political scandal of certainly my lifetime and potentially in U.S. history.”  

On Hunter Biden Defying A Congressional Subpoena: 

“Well, of course, yes. Again, you cannot pick and choose when to respond to a congressional subpoena, a legal congressional subpoena, and Hunter Biden defied that importantly though, Roger, by coordinating with Joe Biden, the sitting President of the United States. So, yes, that is. I support contempt of Congress and I believe we will move that. I am urging that to be moved and working with my colleagues to do so. But we are going to see, I anticipate, a continuation of how political and radical the Department of Justice has become because you and I both know that they are not going to pursue that against Hunter Biden and part of, I believe, this scandal is the Department of Justice’s cover-up of Hunter Biden. Whether it’s the whistleblowers from the IRS that have come forward or whether it’s, you know, thank goodness for that judge who did not approve of that sweetheart deal that was negotiated for Hunter Biden to try to clean things up in the off year before 2024. So there is a lot more layers here that we need to peel to make sure that the American people know all the facts about how absolutely corrupt Joe Biden and his family are.” 

On Sending More Aid to Ukraine: 

“We have significant challenges in our own country, and I will tell you, our top priority is securing the Southern border. It is Joe Biden who has refused to secure the Southern Border. And it's not just funding for the Southern Border, it's specific policy changes. We passed our border security bill. That's what I want to see as the starting point for any discussion when it comes to January and February legislative packages, and that's where the American people are. The vast majority of the American people are very concerned about our wide open Southern and Northern Border. We've seen it's a national security crisis as we've seen people on the terrorist watchlist pour over our Southern Border and Northern Border. So that's what I'm focused on. And, you know, our Republicans are divided. I do not think that we have seen from this Administration or from Ukraine what their strategic plan is in terms of utilizing and ensuring the integrity of the U.S. dollar. So I have significant concerns. My focus is on securing our Southern and Northern Borders in the U.S. and our domestic issues.”