Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik released a statement following Far Left Kathy Hochul’s massive $233 billion budget announcement for the State of New York. 

“Far Left failed Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul wants to spend taxpayer money that New York doesn’t have on failed policies that New Yorkers do not want. Her bloated budget pours $2.4 billion into funding and further incentivizes the illegal immigration crisis. She fails to address the failed sanctuary city policies that are bankrupting New York City and displacing our public school students in the process. Hochul shamelessly won’t consider repealing her own extremist soft-on-crime policies that have rewarded violent criminals and punished victims. The hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers fleeing the state will tell you exactly how out of touch Hochul and Albany Democrats are with the needs of New Yorkers. Kathy Hochul has once again decided to saddle hardworking New Yorkers with debt while offering zero remedies for the problems that plague them living in her socialist nightmare.”