Washington, D.C. – House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik joined her colleagues to kick off Energy Week. She highlighted House Republicans' commitment to restoring American energy dominance and ending Joe Biden's unprecedented war on American energy, which has caused energy prices to skyrocket. 


Watch her full remarks here.


Find her full remarks below: 

“Good morning. Americans have had enough of Joe Biden and Far Left Democrats’ anti-American energy policies.

Since his first day in office, Joe Biden has destroyed American energy independence. He canceled the Keystone Pipeline killing thousands of jobs and launched an unprecedented war on American energy. Joe Biden has forced America to rely on foreign adversaries, like Russia and Iran, and left American families to foot the bill for skyrocketing energy costs due to this unwanted, Far-Left Agenda. 

From the gas station to the grocery store, American families are hurting. Gas prices are once again on the rise. And in my district in Upstate New York, which relies heavily on home heating oil, sky-high utility and heating costs are crushing families, increasing by over 80 percent in the last three years. 

Joe Biden created this energy crisis, and the American people know it. 

Republicans know that we need to unleash American energy, not restrict it. It’s vital that we ensure America's energy dominance and provide true energy security. That is what we are focused on for Energy Week in the House.  

We’ve seen it firsthand, under the pro-American energy policies of President Donald Trump, we were the world energy leader. Our nation thrived because of the pro-national security, pro-American job energy agenda that lowered costs and prioritized domestic production.  

Today we are joined by our colleagues Congressman Dan Newhouse who is leading the resolution denouncing all of the anti-American energy policies of the Joe Biden, and we also have Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger whose work on the House Energy and Commerce Committee is fighting back against these anti-American energy proposals from Joe Biden.”