Washington, D.C. - In case you missed it, today, North Country Now reported that Congresswoman Elise Stefanik secured $1.8 million in funding for a Water District Development Project in the Town of Massena through the Consolidated Appropriations Act. This funding will be used to provide public water service to the residents of Massena who are currently inadequately served by failing well systems. 

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North Country Now: Congresswoman Stefanik helps secure $1.8 million grant for Massena water project

By Jeff Chudzinski

MASSENA -- The South Raquette Water District is now fully funded after federal officials awarded the town a $1.8 million USDA grant.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and federal partners played a crucial role in securing the fund that has put the project over the finish line.

"This is a big result that we have delivered to the people of Massena. Bringing clean water and improving infrastructure is a top priority for the members of my district," Stefanik told North Country This Week.

Stefanik said she was able to shepherd the application through the appropriations committee, fast tracking the funds that will allow the project to commence construction this summer.

"I heard from numerous constituents who raised a number of concerns about the quality of their drinking water. Public hearings were held for them to voice their concerns and we knew this was a top priority," she said.

Through cooperation with local and state officials, Stefanik said the many moving parts came together to deliver the funds for Massena.

"This isn't just an investment in infrastructure, this is an investment in the people of Massena. Infrastructure has been a top priority for some time and I am able to offer assistance in a very targeted way, whether it be for water projects, sewer projects or supporting our first responders," Stefanik said.

Stefanik said throughout the course of her decade in Congress she has delivered hundreds of millions of dollars to her district to improve infrastructure.

"We will continue to focus on water and sewer projects, assisting first responders and improving rural healthcare. With grant funding, community funding and community support we can continue to deliver results for NY-21," she said.

Stefanik said she is proud to deliver results for her constituents and will continue her work to bring funding to NY-21 for such projects.

"These projects are critical to the people of NY-21 and I plan to continue to deliver results to our communities," she said.

The South Raquette Water District is expected to cost $9 million and will be paid for with a combination of federal grants and a zero interest loan.

"The Town of Massena is very pleased to be awarded funding through the office of the House of Representatives’ Congresswoman Elise Stefanik to help offset the costs of our planned Water District Development Project. For some time, many of the residents on the South Racquette Road have voiced an interest in obtaining municipal water for their homes. At public hearings, residents have expressed their frustration of using well water that causes accelerated deterioration of their home appliances and stains on their clothes, even when using the expensive water softening systems,” Town Supervisor Sue Bellor said.

Along with the $1.8 million USDA grant, the town of Massena was also awarded $4.5 million on Feb. 23 as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law General Supplement grant program.

A $4.27 million zero interest loan with a 30-year term rounds out the funding.

According to Barton & Loguidice Senior Associate Matthew Cooper, 161 equivalent dwelling units will be serviced by the new water district.