Washington, D.C. - In case you missed it, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik spoke to Watertown Daily Times and North Country Now following Joe Biden’s disastrous State of the Union address where she discussed the failed President’s decline and Biden’s unwillingness to address Americans’ real concerns.

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View highlights from her interview below. 

On Joe Biden’s Final SOTU Address:

“Stefanik said in an interview after the event that she was disappointed, saying Biden’s speech was the most partisan, least effective State of the Union address she had ever seen.

“This was a failed president, with a failed record, and the White House desperately wanted this to be a reset,” Stefanik said.

She said the members of her party shared her surprise at the partisan nature of the speech, and found only one redeeming point in the entire address.”

On Democrats’ Inaction at the Border:

“She reiterated she could not support the bipartisan border bill Biden spoke of, and said it was a “non-starter.” She said the only path to action on the border would be for the president and Senate Democrats to support the House Republican border bill, which is much more conservative, restricting the asylum process, expanding surveillance to freeze migration and cracking down on the existing undocumented population, as well as building another 900 miles of border wall.”

Read the full North Country Now article HERE.

View highlights from her interview below. 

On the Northern Border Crisis:

“In recent years the Northern border has become a popular entry point for illegal border crossings. 

St. Lawrence County Sheriff Rick Engle said he’s working with border agencies to bring transparency to just how serious the problem has become.

Stefanik pointed to a recent report which states the Swanton sector, that includes St. Lawrence County, has seen an 846% increase in illegal crossings since October and more illegal crossings in January than the previous 12 January.”

On Joe Biden’s Failed Leadership:

“Joe Biden is a deteriorating president and under his failed Far Left leadership the State of the Union is in crisis. His desperate attempt at a reset dismisses the everyday struggles of Americans suffering because of his failed policies. Under just three years of Joe Biden, our nation has experienced one crisis after another from the Biden Border Crisis which has devastated American communities, to weakness on the world stage, and the highest inflation in my lifetime. Because of Joe Biden’s radical agenda, we have faced violent crime in our communities, sky high energy prices, and the weaponization of our Government against us with the Biden DOJ targeting Catholics, gun owners, conservatives, and even parents at school board meetings. 

“It is time to return to the America First policies that gave us a secure border, energy independence, peace through strength, and a roaring economy that created 7 million new jobs and allowed our communities to flourish.”