Washington, D.C. – House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik joined her House colleagues to discuss her official ethics complaint against Jack Smith with the Department of Justice's Office of Professional Responsibility for his illegal election interference against President Donald Trump.

Stefanik also addressed the pro-Hamas, antisemitic rioting mob that took over an academic building at Columbia last night and reiterated her commitment to hold America’s so-called elite colleges and universities accountable. 

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“The world is watching as the leadership of our so-called elite colleges and universities continue to fail to condemn antisemitism and protect Jewish students on campus. 

Just look at the abject failure of Columbia’s president to enforce their own code of conduct that they gave lip service to during the recent Education and Workforce hearing. Last night, the pro-Hamas, antisemitic mob took over an academic building. The university leadership has lost complete control. It is a disgrace, and it is untenable. And we as House Republicans will hold them to account. I will continue to lead on this issue, and House Republicans will expand our efforts on oversight with additional committee chairs with an announcement later today.

Also in New York, we are now in week three of Alvin Bragg’s witch hunt, the first criminal trial of a former President of the United States. It is crystal clear from the opening arguments and evidence that this extraordinarily weak case is blatant lawfare and election interference during the height of the presidential campaign.

While the violent crime crisis rages in New York, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg brought bogus felony charges against President Trump for the non-felony of booking a 2017 nuisance claim as a “legal expense.” Under this bogus legal theory, this somehow impacted the election. This theory is so baseless that it was previously passed over by the prior Manhattan DA, the Manhattan U.S. Attorney, the Federal Election Commission, and Alvin Bragg himself.

But a top political appointee in the Biden Justice Department was deployed to Bragg’s office to go after Joe Biden’s top political opponent and the Republican nominee: Donald J. Trump. And the case is in front of the Democrat Judge Juan Merchan who donated to Biden’s campaign. And whose daughter is raising tens of millions off this unprecedented case.

This is corrupt election interference to its core. Even a former Clinton federal judge said Judge Merchan must recuse. What was Merchan’s response? He retaliated against President Trump with an unconstitutional gag order.

Last week, the House Judiciary Committee, under the leadership of Chairman Jim Jordan, released a scathing report highlighting Bragg's political investigation and prosecution of President Trump, calling it a direct threat to our republic. Democrats’ corrupt and desperate witch hunts against President Trump must come to an end. This is lawfare and blatant election interference, and the American people know it.

That is why today I filed an official complaint with the Department of Justice’s Office of Professional Responsibility on Joe Biden’s special counsel Jack Smith for his clear and illegal efforts of election interference.

We will fight the Democrats’ unjust lawfare and expose this corruption. Whether it is in New York, Atlanta, or here in Washington, D.C., this is an important responsibility of our oversight. 

In addition to this important oversight work, legislatively, House Republicans are continuing to lead on behalf of the American people. This week on the House floor, we have a series of bills to protect America’s public lands while ensuring the safe, reliable development of our natural resources. We are also marking the start of National Small Business Week, the backbone and economic engine of our country. So today, we are joined by two chairs, our Chairman of House Natural Resources Committee Bruce Westerman and Chairman of the Small Business Committee Roger Williams, to discuss in more detail.”