Washington, D.C. — House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik joined Fox Business’ Larry Kudlow to discuss Joe Biden’s failed leadership as he continues to turn his back on our most precious ally Israel in favor of appeasing the pro-Hamas wing of his Democrat Party. Stefanik reiterated that House Republicans will always support our most precious ally abroad while combating the rampant antisemitism at home.

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On Joe Biden’s Failure To Stand With Israel: 

“My take is that at every opportunity Joe Biden has failed to show important support for Israel, and we see that playing out today as they’re limiting and withholding the military aid package that Congress passed overwhelmingly on a bipartisan basis. The fact that they are tying Israel’s hands when Israel is in a fight for its very existence. And let’s take a step back, Larry. This is our most precious ally in the region who faced the bloodiest day since the Holocaust when a terrorist group, Hamas, committed barbaric atrocities against innocent Israelis. So we need to ensure that Israel has all tools available. That is what Congress voted for, and it’s a disgrace that Joe Biden is withholding those. When it comes to Joe Biden’s silence, it took him months to speak out and condemn the antisemitism on college campuses. He failed to hold the university presidents accountable. And then, yet tried to give it lip service yesterday at a memorial service. That is not good enough. That is not the type of moral, strong leadership that the world and Israel and the American people are expecting from the President of the United States.”

On House Republicans’ Commitment To Our Ally Israel: 

“Well, I’ll tell you, House Republicans are very clear. We stand in strong support of Israel. We brought that aid package to Israel to the Floor multiple times, and the Democrat Party has fractured. And we know, it’s being exposed for the world to see, that the pro-Hamas encampments, the pro-Hamas arm of the Democrat Party is now mainstream in Joe Biden’s party. And we have not seen Joe Biden’s support for Israel. If anything, they have been apologists for Hamas. And we need to be very clear, and we are very clear. And I was particularly moved when Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke at Yad Vashem, and said, ‘If Israel stands alone, they will stand alone.’ That should never be the case. The United States should be the closest ally with Israel as they are fighting for their very existence. Certainly, that’s my position in terms of my voting record and how I have spoken out on this issue. And we are not seeing that from Joe Biden nor the Biden Administration.” 


On Holding the Biden Administration Accountable for Antisemitism:

“You are absolutely right, Larry. That’s why we wrote the letter in our capacity of having oversight. And when you have an individual at a senior level in Biden’s Department of Justice who has a history of supporting antisemitism, and yet that’s the very position that is supposed to be protecting Jewish students and ensuring that there are Title VI protections, that is unacceptable. They need to be removed from that position. And I’ll tell you what, Larry, also let’s remember, these Title VI protections, which were expanded to include Jewish students, that was a President Trump Executive Order. And the Biden Administration has failed to launch investigations from the Department of Education for the failure to ensure safety and security for Jewish students on these college campuses. So you have college after college, who is not complying with Title VI requirements, and yet you have an Administration who fails to hold them to account. That’s why these Congressional hearings are so incredibly important. And when it comes to your earlier questions about the overall support for Israel, let’s go back to the Trump Administration where we had the historic breakthroughs of the Abraham Accords and just the stalwart support for Israel. You had peace in the Middle East. Compare that to the weak, abject failure foreign policy of Joe Biden. That’s why this choice is on the ballot this November, and it’s why President Trump continues to poll stronger and stronger and will defeat Joe Biden.” 

On Americans Not Supporting Biden’s Pro-Hamas Democrat Party: 

“Well, you’re right, Larry, and that’s why Joe Biden is attempting to appease the growing, pro-Hamas part of the Democrat Party which is now mainstream. Much of this funding that goes to Democrat groups is also going to these pro-Hamas, pro-terrorist encampments on university campuses. So, Joe Biden has a real political problem as to what his party has become, which is they’ve turned their back on Israel, and they are apologists. And frankly, they publicly support the Hamas terrorist attacks and the atrocities. That is out of touch with hard-working Americans. That’s out of touch with, as you said, the vast majority of the American people. And again, it’s one of the reasons why, as we head to the polls this November, President Trump and Republican support continues to make significant inroads and is pulling ahead in every single swing state.”