Washington, D.C. — House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik joined Fox News’ Fox & Friends to discuss Joe Biden’s decision to withhold military aid from our most precious ally Israel while they fight for their very existence. 

Stefanik also highlighted House Republicans' fight to combat antisemitism in America’s education system and the Biden Administration’s failure to confront this vial rot. 

Watch her full interview here. 

View highlights from her interview below. 

On Joe Biden Withholding Aid To Our Most Precious Ally Israel:

“It’s absurd, Brian, and it’s just another example where President Joe Biden has failed to support our most precious ally Israel. Congress passed supplemental funding and military aid to Israel. And it is outrageous and is not complying with congressional intent the fact that the Biden Administration is holding these back. This is, as Israel is, you know, suffered its bloodiest day since the Holocaust with the terrorist attack on October 7th. They're fighting for their very existence. So House Republicans are pushing back both in our oversight capacity as well as conversations between the Speaker of the House and the President of the United States about how this is absolutely unacceptable.” 

On Biden And Far Left Democrats’ Failure To Support Israel:

“Correct and it just goes to show that the Biden Administration and Joe Biden himself have failed to support Israel. They're more concerned about their pro-Hamas wing of the Democrat Party which we're seeing is part of the radicalized Left. And it's a stark contrast with Republicans who strongly support Israel, and we are going to continue to take that stance. We, again remember, brought that Israel aid package to the floor multiple times as the Democrats support cratered. So this is one of the reasons why President Trump continues to poll stronger and stronger because Joe Biden exudes weakness on the world stage, and he's turning his back on our most important ally in the region Israel.”

On The Necessity To Stand With Israel: 

“It should be the objective, Brian, but, you know, this Administration, whether it's from the press podium at the White House or the President himself, they have failed to explicitly condemn Hamas. They have failed to call out the fact that Hamas uses civilian shields, and it's a way of their terrorist tactics. That's why they need to be defeated. That's why it's important for us as the United States to stand with Israel. And it was a very solemn moment this past weekend when you heard at the Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony at Yad Vashem, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, ‘If Israel has to stand alone, they will.’ As the United States of America, we should never allow Israel to stand alone. America must stand with Israel.”

On U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona’s Testimony & House Republicans Fight Against Antisemitism: 

“No, it's not a good enough answer, but great question by Chairwoman Virginia Foxx, Chair of the Education Committee. And it just shows that U.S. taxpayer dollars are being abused to prop up not only these institutions, but paying student loans of these pro-Hamas terrorists. And we should not forgive those student loans. We need to defund these universities that are apologists for pro-Hamas, that support these pro-terrorist professors and turn a blind eye to these terrorist antisemitic students, some of whom are on student visas. Those visas need to be revoked. That is why we've expanded our House investigation. So it's going after the appropriations, that would be the funding, going after the visas for the student visas, revoking those immediately, going after the tax exempt status of these universities. This is a failure of moral leadership, a failure of moral clarity, and we will continue to lead, to call this out, and hold these schools accountable, which is why this week, for example, we have two very important hearings. One will have the D.C. Mayor, Mayor Bowser, for the failure of her allowing, she didn't allow the law enforcement to clear the encampment until last night at GW in preparation for the hearing today.” 

“That shows the importance of these congressional hearings because they will not do the right thing until we hold them accountable.”