Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Elise Stefanik released the following statement highlighting Harvard‘s disgraceful decision to invite known antisemite, Maria Ressa, as their commencement speaker as Harvard continues to enable antisemitism on campus and fails to protect Jewish students.

Following a Washington Free Beacon piece from earlier this month, Stefanik highlighted Ressa’s antisemitic history and condemned Harvard's selection and was met with criticism from Ressa, the Far Left, and mainstream media. The Washington Free Beacon investigated and released accurate translations exposing Ressa’s blatant antisemitism. 

"In a sad, but fitting end to their school year of disgrace, Harvard doubled down on their heinous path when they invited a known antisemite as their 2024 Commencement speaker, who then spewed antisemitic rhetoric at the Commencement ceremony. 

Despite this antisemite's attempt to hide and falsely attack my office and media outlets who accurately reported on her writings, the translation in fact demonstrates her history of antisemitism as reported here."