Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Elise Stefanik cosponsored a resolution to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) tailpipe emission rule entitled “Multi-Pollutant Emissions Standards for Model Years 2027 and Later Light-Duty and Medium-Duty Vehicles.” This Congressional Review Act (CRA) led by Congressman John James (R-MI) would overturn the Biden Administration's decision to phase out gas-powered vehicles. The EPA projects this rule will require 67% of new light-duty vehicle sales be electric vehicles by 2032.

“The Biden Administration’s attempt to push their failed Far Left climate agenda on hardworking American families is dangerous and unAmerican. I’m proud to stand up for consumer choice and cosponsor a resolution to overturn Biden’s senseless rule to set radical emission standards on auto manufacturers,” said Congresswoman Elise Stefanik. “Electric vehicles are not a feasible option in many parts of the country including in my rural district of Upstate New York and the North Country. We must combat Democrats’ failed Far Left anti-American energy policies that threaten to bankrupt and burden American families.”