Washington, D.C- Congresswoman Elise Stefanik voted to send the Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act to the floor. This bipartisan legislation ensures that American students' Second Amendment rights cannot be infringed upon by the Biden Administration by amending the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to clarify schools’ programs training students in archery, hunting and other recreational shooting sports are eligible for funding after the Biden Administration’s Department of Education moved to defund these programs. Millions of students across the country participate in archery and hunting education programs to learn safe and responsible firearm handling and experience outdoor recreation. 

In August, Stefanik led a letter along with 70 of her colleagues to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona condemning the Department of Education’s decision to withhold funds from archery and hunting education nationwide, prompting a reversal by the Administration. 

“I am proud to ensure that the millions of American students who participate in recreational shooting sports are able to exercise their second amendment right freely without threat from Biden’s partisan political agenda. Following my advocacy, Biden's Department of Education reversed course noting they were in the wrong on this long-standing bipartisan issue which provides kids with opportunities to learn about the outdoors and develop useful skills.”  Stated Congresswoman Elise Stefanik“The Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act will codify that all shooting sports are funded and protected now and, in the future, allowing students to train safely and freely.”