Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Elise Stefanik issued a statement following the announcement that the Biden Administration will be lifting the COVID-19 vaccination mandate at the Northern border on May 12, restoring travel across the US-Canadian border.

“Following my repeated advocacy to the United States and Canadian governments, as of May 12th, the Department of Homeland Security will not require international travelers entering the United States at land ports of entry to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The lifting of this authoritarian mandate for Northern Border travelers is long overdue”, Stefanik said. “It is shameful that President Biden has waited this long to lift the draconian COVID-19 travel restrictions, which have been devastating for Upstate New York and North Country’s families and our economy. With the COVID national emergency finally ending and this vaccine mandate lifted, communities throughout Upstate New York and the North Country can return to the freedom of uninterrupted travel across our Northern Border.”

Stefanik has tirelessly advocated for the United States and Canadian governments to reopen the Northern Border. In July 2021, Congresswoman Stefanik met with several Members of Parliament to discuss strategies to reopen the Northern Border. She sent letters to Canada’s provincial and territorial Premiers requesting their partnership and assistance and condemned Biden’s Department of Homeland Security decision to extend Northern border travel restrictions. Since the border’s successful reopening due to her advocacy, Stefanik has pressed the United States and Canadian governments to end all vaccine requirements and fully restore Northern Border travel.