Washington, D.C. — House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik joined Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss holding American universities accountable for enabling rampant antisemitism and Joe Biden’s unconstitutional judicial lawfare against President Donald Trump. 

Watch her full interview here. 

Read highlights from her interview below.

On The Rise of Antisemitism in Higher Education And The Need to Protect Jewish Students: 

“Well, first of all Maria, this is a crisis in higher education, and I want to thank our law enforcement officers. You played the clip of the NYPD, but who has failed are the university presidents. Our law enforcement have done the right thing bringing security back to these college campuses. But our university presidents, whether it's Columbia, whether it's Harvard, Penn, whether it's UCLA, Michigan, Yale, the list goes on, they have failed to protect Jewish students. They have also failed to condemn antisemitism. And let's be honest, these pro-Hamas riots, this is Joe Biden's Democrat Party. Joe Biden, not only waited 10 days to condemn, he has been silent since last December with that historic hearing where you had three Ivy League university presidents fail to condemn the genocide of Jews. Joe Biden waited months to speak out saying that testimony was unacceptable. He didn't even say that actually, in his statement, but he gave it lip service. But this is the radicalized Far Left Democrat party that Joe Biden owns today. It is about lawlessness. It is about anarchy. It is attacking our most precious ally, Israel, and it is hurling antisemitic slurs against Jewish students as well as physical harassment, physical assault against Jewish students. So there is a great deal that we are doing in Congress in our oversight, and our legislative solutions will consist of pulling back federal funding, addressing the foreign dollars that are flowing into these institutions, and holding these schools accountable.” 

On Joe Biden’s Deafening Silence To Speak Out Against The Antisemtic Mobs On College Campuses: 

Exactly. This is Joe Biden's Democrat party today. The pro-Hamas rioters on college campuses, the anarchists and that's why you're seeing trepidation among Democrats from speaking out because this is their base. And the reality is this is why Republicans continue to poll stronger and stronger because we represent peace and security. We represent standing up for the Constitution. We represent supporting our ally of Israel, and we strongly condemn antisemitism. There is a reason that House Republicans have led on this and it's because there has been a void at our universities. There was a void at the White House starting with the top of Joe Biden. And there's been a void in Democrat leadership, including Chuck Schumer, which is why we have expanded the investigation and will continue to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars to yank federal funding that is propping up these institutions that are indoctrinating our next generation.” 

On Who Is Funding The Antisemitic Mob Terrorizing American Campuses:

“These are really important questions, Maria. So this is a well organized entity of Far Left Democrat radical groups domestically. It is well funded, well organized. But in addition, there is a foreign funding piece that is very important that we get to the bottom of whether it's the foreign funding flowing into these Middle Eastern Studies programs at these universities propping up antisemitic professors as well as propagating antisemitic curriculum. We need to not allow that foreign funding, and that is going to be an important legislative solution. In addition, any individuals who are part of these pro-Hamas riots or pro-Hamas encampments who are on student visas, those visas need to be revoked and those individuals need to be deported immediately. And in the case of Colombia, we found from NYPD that over 40 percent of the rioters were unaffiliated with Columbia University, meaning they were neither students, professors, or faculty members. And that just shows the failure of Columbia leadership to deal with this. They have allowed these outside rioters, these outside Far Left Democrat, pro-Hamas activists to take over their campuses putting all students at risk, especially Jewish students. So this is why I've called for the resignation of the Columbia President Minouche Shafik. She negotiated with the terrorists and that was a recipe for disaster.”

On Joe Biden’s Witch Hunt Against President Trump:

“This is a political witch hunt against Joe Biden's opponent who is Donald Trump and it's because Democrats cannot win at the ballot box. The fact that they have a gag order on President Trump in the midst of a general election campaign shows how desperate the Democrats are. You have a corrupt judge in Judge Merchan. Not only did he donate personally to the Biden campaign, but an immediate member of his family is raising 10s of millions of dollars off of the trial itself and attacking Donald Trump. This is the chief online fundraiser for Adam Schiff to the tune of nearly $90 million, Maria. So this is corrupt to its core. And yet this is and the left and the corrupt DOJ, this is apparently what they're doing with lawfare and we need to stand strong and make sure that this never happens again. When it comes to the star witness for this political witch hunt, this is an individual who perjured himself in front of Congress, who is a known liar, and I urge the Department of Justice to continue the criminal contempt against Michael Cohen. But there is no case here. It is desperation and it's a desperate form of election interference.”