Washington, D.C. - House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik joined CNN’s The Source with Kaitlan Collins to discuss attempts from Far Left Democrats to illegally remove President Donald Trump from the ballot, the two-tiered system of justice, Joe Biden’s plummeting in the poll numbers, and more. 



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On the Far Left’s Political Witch Hunt Against President Donald Trump: 

“Well, it shows that the Left and the Democrat Party and Joe Biden’s campaign, they know they're going to lose at the ballot box which is why you’re seeing lawfare. You’re seeing witch hunt after witch hunt, court case after court case, going after Joe Biden’s top political opponent which is Donald Trump. And today was a very bad day for Joe Biden. It was a very bad day in court for the Left. It was a very bad day for the Colorado bogus court case. It was a very good day for President Trump, and it was a good day for the Constitution and the American people. The American people are going to make this decision in November not radical bureaucrats from the state of Colorado, not radical judges, or Far Left prosecutors.” 

On President Donald Trump Dominating in the Polls:

“This is a witch hunt against President Trump, and it is not a coincidence that it is while President Trump is skyrocketing in the polls. Meanwhile, we saw a disastrous day for Joe Biden. Joe Biden started this week plummeting in the polls, the weakest polling for a modern day President, an incumbent president, and yet you saw a feeble, mental acuity lacking in the President of the United States just today. So this is a horrible day. It's a disastrous day for Joe Biden. It's a winning day for Donald Trump, and the Supreme Court case is likely to have multiple liberal justices that side with the conservative justices in this case siding for the Constitution.”

On the Supreme Court Ruling in Favor of President Donald Trump:

“Absolutely. And you heard questions whether it was from Justice Elena Kagan, you heard multiple questions from the liberal justices who are likely, I believe, this could be a nine-zero, an eight-one or a seven-two case.”

On President Donald Trump’s Right to Presidential Immunity: 

“Well, certainly, I will have something to say when the court makes that decision. But I already have put out a public statement. Of course, the President has presidential immunity. You can't handcuff a sitting President of the United States for future presidents to go after them. It would not allow them to do their job in their official capacity. So that was a wrongheaded decision. I expect the Supreme Court will overturn that as well.”

On the Department of Justice’s Selective Prosecution:

“Well, that's what the Trump campaign put out. They said this is a very slippery slope because it means that if you're of an opposing party that you could go after your predecessor based upon policy disagreements or official acts. So that's why this is so egregious. And the reality is, Kaitlan, the issues that the American people are concerned about. They're concerned about the border. They're concerned about the inflation crisis. They're concerned about the lack of leadership from the sitting President of the United States, Joe Biden. That's why they're going to make the decision to vote for President Trump at the polls, and that's why you're seeing, despite lawsuit after lawsuit, President Trump's numbers continue to go up because this is not a fair justice system right now. You see the justice system being weaponized against Joe Biden's top political opponent, and that's Donald Trump.”

On the Department of Justice’s Scathing Special Counsel Report: 

“Well, first of all, if you look at what the Special Counsel said: it was a willful, willfully not abiding by rules when it comes to classified information, willfully breaking the law. And the only reason they're not pursuing prosecution is because of the lack of mental acuity of the President of the United States, and this disastrous press conference."


"It’s specifically because of the mental acuity that was pointed out in the document. That's why you saw a panicked White House forced out a doddering unfit President of the United States for a disastrous press conference to try to clean it up. And it only did more damage. The reality, Kaitlan, is Donald Trump is going to win this November, and Democrats are spiraling out of control because they see that Joe Biden continues to plummet. His polls are gonna go down much further tomorrow based upon that horrific press conference today, and it's selective prosecution, the fact that it's not even a slap on the wrist when the prosecutor himself especially."

On Joe Biden’s Lack of Declassification Authorities:

“Because it's a witch hunt. This is at the behest of Joe Biden. No no no. First of all, there's a difference here. President Trump has been, according to the Presidential Records Act, he has declassification authorities. Joe Biden did not have that when he was Vice President of the United States. Joe Biden also had classified documents when he was a sitting senator, that is not covered by the Presidential Records Act.”

On Joe Biden Being Mentally Unfit & DOJ Refusing to Prosecute:

“This was a raid on Mar-A-Lago, Kaitlan, versus working with Joe Biden and saying he willfully broke the law but refusing to prosecute. It is selective prosecution. Joe Biden's DOJ ordered by Merrick Garland not to prosecute against Joe Biden even though it specifically found that he willfully broke the law. And on top of that. The reason why they're not prosecuting is because they say he's mentally unfit to put in front to pursue that. That is unheard of and it is selective prosecution and it's why people inherently know across this country, if your last name happens to be Biden or Clinton, you get to live by a different set of rules than everyday average Americans.” 

On Hunter Biden’s Sweetheart Plea Deal: 

“Hunter Biden got a sweetheart deal. Let's talk about that. Let’s talk more about the corruption of the Biden family.” 

On Defending President Donald Trump & Serving As Top Surrogate:

“I’m proud to be one of the top surrogates for President Trump. I voted for President Trump in 2016. I was proud to work with him. I’ve worked with him on his impeachment defense team when the first witch hunt started against him perpetrated by the Democrats and Adam Schiff and I am proud to be a top surrogate. I would be proud to serve in a future Trump Administration, but we have a lot to do.” 

On Joe Biden’s Refusal to Secure The Border: 

“I have a lot of responsibility as the House Republican Conference Chair and most importantly as the Representative for New York’s 21st Congressional District giving them a seat at the highest level and we’re focused on the issues that matter to the American people: the border crisis which is raging across our country. House Republicans passed a border security bill. Joe Biden has failed. In fact, he has caused this border crisis."


"We passed a border bill and you and I both know how difficult it has been historically for a border bill to come together but we got it done. House Republicans passed a border bill that Joe Biden opposed, Kaitlan.The Biden border crisis is because of Joe Biden’s executive action. H.R. 2 passed, and Joe Biden opposed that. The reason why he opposed it is because he wants a wide open border which is what his Executive Action caused.” 

“He has the executive authority to do so. No, I'm not. I'm not allowing you to just say something that’s just factually not true. He has the executive authority right now to end catch and release. He has the executive authority right now to close the border.” 

On Attempts by Radical Leftists To Hijack American Elections: 

“I stood up for the Constitution. I would not have done what Mike Pence did. I don't think that was the right approach. I specifically stand by what I said on the House floor, and I stand by my statement which was there was unconstitutional overreach. There was unconstitutional overreach in states like Pennsylvania. And I think it's very important that we continue to stand up for the Constitution and have legal and secure elections which we did not have in 2020. And tens of millions of Americans agree with me, Kaitlan.” 

On Ensuring A Constitutional Election: 

“Listen, we need to make sure the election is Constitutionally legal. We're talking about Democrats. It was not Kaitlan. It was unconstitutional when they were circumventing state legislatures unilaterally changing election law. I stand by my statement on the House floor. And again, tens of millions of Americans agree with that statement and have questions about the validity, and legality, and constitutionality. Because the American people have rightful questions on the constitutionality. And let me say this for you: when it comes to this election, we're seeing the Democrats trying to remove President Trump from the ballot. That is not Constitutional. That is not a legal and safe, secure election. That's literally what's being discussed at the Supreme Court today because radical leftists can't stand the fact that Donald Trump continues to skyrocket in the polls and Joe Biden continues to plummet. And if you get outside of CNN and talk to hardworking American people, like in my district, like across this country, they want to see new leadership in President Trump and that’s why he’s going to win.” 

On Condemning Joe Biden’s Refusal to Stand with Israel:

“I've given those family members of hostages in Israel, we've hosted them among House Republicans, and we continue to stand up to make sure Israel has the right to defend itself. And Kaitlan, you should be condemning the fact that the President of the United States called into question Israel at his press conference today. Meanwhile, he misunderstood and confused the President of Egypt with the President of Mexico. But I will continue to stand up for Israel's right to defend itself, and yet you have a President of the United States who issued a veto threat. I stand by my statement there." 

On the Two-Tiered System of Justice: 

“And what people are seeing is an unequal Department of Justice where on one hand you have BLM violent rioters who are not being prosecuted by the DOJ, and you have nonviolent individuals who were in the Capitol on January 6 but did not commit violent acts, who are being prosecuted by the DOJ, being held. That is inherently unAmerican.”  

“CNN continues to struggle because you've continued to fail to understand the American people's frustration with this two-tiered set of justice in this country.”