Washington, D.C.  Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined House Republican leadership to highlight the Strategic Production Response Act and Republicans’ commitment to restoring American energy independence.


Watch her full remarks here.

Read a full transcript of her remarks below:

This week, House Republicans are working to end Joe Biden’s assault on American energy independence and restore our depleted Strategic Petroleum Reserves. 

For far too long, Joe Biden has risked America’s national security and drained our Strategic Petroleum Reserves to cover up for his anti-American energy agenda. 

The SPR is for emergencies—not Joe Biden’s political points.

Our Strategic Petroleum Reserve oil is only supposed to be used for national security events, but Joe Biden has sold nearly 40 percent of our stockpile since being elected. 

In fact, Joe Biden has sold off more of our oil reserves than every U.S. President in history combined. 

Today, our crucial emergency oil reserves are at the lowest level in my lifetime. As a result, China now has the world's largest government controlled stockpile of oil. And Joe Biden and his Administration have no plan to reverse course. 

Under an Open Rule this week, House Republicans will continue to implement our Commitment to America. This week, we will pass a bill to prevent abuse of the SPR and require Joe Biden to put forth a plan to increase domestic production. It is long past time to unleash American energy and restore our standing on the world stage. 

House Republicans will hold the Biden Administration accountable for tying the hands of America's oil and gas producers in the midst of an energy crisis. We will deliver on our promise to defend our energy security to support an economy that’s strong.