Atlanta, GA – In case you missed it, House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik joined her colleague, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, on Fox News’ Hannity to discuss Joe Biden being mentally unfit to be President following his disastrous debate performance, the need for more transparency on Special Counsel Robert Hur’s bombshell report, and calling on a return to the strength and success of President Donald Trump. 


Watch the full interview here. 

View highlights from her interview below. 

On Joe Biden Not Being Mentally Fit to be President Following The Worst Debate Performance In Modern History: 

“Well, it's because they're trying to cover up the feebleness, and the fact that, I believe, Sean, that they edited the transcript that they turned over to Congress.” 

“I think it's worse. I know we're going to work as House Republicans to use every tool at our disposal to hold the Department of Justice and the Biden Administration accountable for not turning over those tapes. It's our constitutional responsibility.” 

“We are focused on passing the appropriations bills, but let's talk about what's most important. What voters are concerned about when it comes to the tapes and this old, unfit individual who is President of the United States. We saw that on the debate stage today: the worst debate performance in modern history from Joe Biden versus the strength of President Trump.” 


“Well, Democrats are in freefall. This is a disaster for Democrats. Joe Biden is who Donald Trump is going to defeat this November. That's what we’re focused on.”