Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Elise Stefanik released the following statement on today’s news that China and Cuba reached a clandestine agreement to establish a Chinese facility in Cuba to collect intelligence against the United States.

“Today’s open source reporting on the establishment of a Communist Chinese advanced intelligence collection facility less than 100 miles from our backyard to spy on the United States is deeply concerning. This is the latest development in a trend of aggressive Communist Chinese activities that the Biden Administration has failed to deter or counter. From the Chinese spy balloon looming over the United States, to the CCP buying up United States agricultural land, to recent aggressive Chinese maneuvers toward United States warships in international waters, it is clear that Biden’s weak leadership on the world stage has permitted Communist China to continue to threaten our sovereignty.

Joe Biden must act to stop Beijing, Havana, and other adversaries from deepening their cooperation in the Western Hemisphere. President Biden must also immediately cancel Secretary Blinken’s planned upcoming trip to Beijing. Secretary Blinken should not reward Beijing’s recent actions with a diplomatic visit to engage with his communist counterparts while the CCP blatantly attempts to collect intelligence against the United States. 

As the Biden Administration continually fails on the world stage, House Republicans will advance a defense authorization bill that will strengthen interior lines throughout the Indo-Pacific, secure critical defense supply chains, and deepen our security partnerships throughout the world. We will enhance and modernize the United States military to deter Communist China from further aggression and protect the United States. 

The American people deserve stronger leadership and a stronger President in the face of this major threat to national security.”