Washington, D.C. – House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik joined her House Republican colleagues to discuss Special Counsel Robert Hur’s bombshell report that highlighted the fundamentally un-American two-tiered justice system that exists in Joe Biden’s America, last night's vote to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and how House Republicans are fighting to end Joe Biden’s war on American energy.



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“Good morning. First, House Republicans are so excited to welcome back our Majority Leader, the legend from Louisiana, Steve Scalise. Welcome back, Steve. We’re so excited to have you back. 

Before we talk about the week ahead, I want to touch on the bombshell report last week from the Special Counsel confirming that President Biden retained and mishandled classified documents for years in unsecure location. Special Counsel Hur’s decision to not prosecute Biden because of his deteriorating mental state further demonstrates the unAmerican, two-tiered justice system that exists in Joe Biden’s America. There cannot be one set of rules if your last name is Biden and another set of rules for the rest of America. And the American people know that if someone is mentally unfit to stand trial they are unfit to serve as Commander in Chief.

Turning to our agenda of this week, House Republicans will continue to deliver on our promises. 

Yesterday, after a year long investigation led by the House Homeland Security Committee under the leadership of Chairman Mark Green, we executed our constitutional duty impeaching Secretary Mayorkas for violating his oath to support and defend the Constitution, subvert the rule of law, and breach the American public’s trust. Impeachment is just one step. The Senate must pass House Republicans’ Secure the Border Act, the strongest border security bill in history, to stop the invasion at our borders which we are seeing under Joe Biden’s policies.

This week, House Republicans will also bring the Unlocking Our Domestic LNG Potential Act to the House Floor, stopping Joe Biden’s war on American energy and unleashing domestic energy production.”